VIS-NIR Multispectral Camera

Multiespectral visible - NIR compact cameras with 8 spectral bands + 1 b/w

SIL-CMS and SIL-CMS4 VNIR multispectral cameras are specially designed to allow high integration of VIS/NIR multispectral systems.
These lightweight and very small footprint cameras split the image into 8 spectral bands plus 1 B&W channel: in a sincle capture the 9 images are obtained simultaneously.
Made by hybridization of a custom Bayer-like matrix on a commercial 1.3 MPx and 4.2 MPx CMOS sensors, they allow extracting the spectrum on each point of an image.

The technology Color Shades(R) is a unique manufacturing technique developed by SILIOS Technologies to produce multispectral pixelated filters. The SIL-CMS/4 multispectral cameras are type snapshot.

In our Polyespectral Imaging Application you can learn more on this technology, the features and advantages.

Key applications of the visible - NIR multispectral image systems
- color measurement
- recycling and waste sorting
- general sorting
- machine vision
- cosmetics
- agro-food
- space and earth observation
- biomedicine: endoscopy, microscopy,...
- autonomous vehicle: segmentation
- precision farming
- forestry

General specifications of the multispectral imaging sensors SIL-CMS/4

RangesVisible to Near IR
Spectral bands8 spectral bands + 1 B&W
Array typeCMOS
Optical interfaceCS-mount (C-mount compatible with extra C-ring)
Resolution (raw picture)1280 x 1024 (HxV; 1.3MPx)2048 x 2048 (HxV; 4.2 MPx)
Resolution (spectral pictures)426 x 339 (HxV)682 x 682 (HxV)
Pixel pitch5.3 um5.5 um
Max. frame rate60 Hz95 Hz
Exposure time10 us to 2 s100 us to 5 s
Digital output10-bit12-bit
Power supplyUSB3.0ExternalUSB3.0
Dimension56 x 56 x 22 mm62 x 62 x 31 mm52 x 62 x 40 mm
Weight75 g110 g170 g

Spectral specifications and models of multispectral

ModelSpectral rangeBandwidth (FWHM avg)Macropixel config.
SIL-CMS/CMS4-C430-700 nm40 nm3x3 (8 color bands + 1 B&W)
SIL-CMS/CMS4-V550-830 nm40 nm3x3 (8 color bands + 1 B&W)
SIL-CMS/CMS4-S650-930 nm40 nm3x3 (8 color bands + 1 B&W)

This C++ & Python SDK, common to all SIL- cameras allows:

1) displaying the raw images, false color images, gray scale images or overlaid images with different indexation methods (such as "spectrum recognition")
2) normalizing the spectral channels
3) applying multispectral image corrections such as the crosstalk correction
4) extracting the hypercubes.

It runs with real time acquisition, but can also run with recorded single image or series of images (“replay mode”).
It is supplied free of charge with the camera.

If you need to cover longer spectral range with one camera, we can propose 400-900 nm with the multispectral camera SIL-Toucan.

Check here all our solutions in polyspectral imaging (hyperspectral and multispectral):
visible-NIR (400-900 nm)
SWIR (900-1700/2500 nm)

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VIS-NIR Multispectral Camera

VIS-NIR Multispectral Camera

Compact multispectral VNIR (visible - NIR) camera with 8 spectral bands + 1 b/w, and with 1.3 MPx or 4.2 MPx sensor

We are the distributors of SILIOS Technologies in Portugal and Spain

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