VIS-NIR Multispectral Camera

Multiespectral visible - NIR compact cameras with 8 spectral bands + 1 b/w

SIL-CMS and SIL-CMS4 VNIR multispectral cameras are specially designed to allow high integration of VIS/NIR multispectral systems.
These lightweight and very small footprint cameras split the image into 8 spectral bands plus 1 B&W channel: in a sincle capture the 9 images are obtained simultaneously.
Made by hybridization of a custom Bayer-like matrix on a commercial 1.3 MPx and 4.2 MPx CMOS sensors, they allow extracting the spectrum on each point of an image.

The technology Color Shades(R) is a unique manufacturing technique developed by SILIOS Technologies to produce multispectral pixelated filters. The SIL-CMS/4 multispectral cameras are type snapshot.

In our Polyespectral Imaging Application you can learn more on this technology, the features and advantages.

Key applications of the visible - NIR multispectral image systems
- color measurement
- recycling and waste sorting
- general sorting
- machine vision
- cosmetics
- agro-food
- space and earth observation
- biomedicine: endoscopy, microscopy,...
- autonomous vehicle: segmentation
- precision farming
- forestry

General specifications of the multispectral imaging sensors SIL-CMS/4

RangesVisible to Near IR
Spectral bands8 spectral bands + 1 B&W
Array typeCMOS
Optical interfaceCS-mount (C-mount compatible with extra C-ring)
Resolution (raw picture)1280 x 1024 (HxV; 1.3MPx)2048 x 2048 (HxV; 4.2 MPx)
Resolution (spectral pictures)426 x 339 (HxV)682 x 682 (HxV)
Pixel pitch5.3 um5.5 um
Max. frame rate60 Hz95 Hz
Exposure time10 us to 2 s100 us to 5 s
Digital output10-bit12-bit
Power supplyUSB3.0ExternalUSB3.0
Dimension56 x 56 x 22 mm62 x 62 x 31 mm52 x 62 x 40 mm
Weight75 g110 g170 g

Spectral specifications and models of multispectral

ModelSpectral rangeBandwidth (FWHM avg)Macropixel config.
SIL-CMS/CMS4-C430-700 nm40 nm3x3 (8 color bands + 1 B&W)
SIL-CMS/CMS4-V550-830 nm40 nm3x3 (8 color bands + 1 B&W)
SIL-CMS/CMS4-S650-930 nm40 nm3x3 (8 color bands + 1 B&W)

If you need to cover longer spectral range with one camera, we can propose 400-900 nm with the multispectral camera SIL-Toucan.

Check here all our solutions in polyspectral imaging (hyperspectral and multispectral):
visible-NIR (400-900 nm)
SWIR (900-1700/2500 nm)

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VIS-NIR Multispectral Camera

VIS-NIR Multispectral Camera

Compact multispectral VNIR (visible - NIR) camera with 8 spectral bands + 1 b/w, and with 1.3 MPx or 4.2 MPx sensor

We are the distributors of SILIOS Technologies in Portugal and Spain

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