Hyperspectral Camera VNIR (400-1000nm)

HERA-VIS-NIR is a compact and rugged hyperspectral camera that enables an innovative approach to spectral image in the visble and near infrared (VNIR) 400 - 1700 nm.

With its unique and patented technology based on time-domain Fourier Transform detection, HERA provides an exceptional spatial-spectral resolution and a superior sensitivity in low-light illumination conditions.

Working principle:
HERA is based on a Fourier Transform (FT) approach: the data-cube is acquired in the time-domain, by step-scanning a compact ultra-stable interferometer in front of the CMOS sensor.
The software then automatically computes an FT at each and every pixel of the image, providing the final hyperspectral data-cube.
As a result of an FT, the spectrum at each pixel is a continuous curve, so the number of bands is virtually unlimited, not defined by the hardware.

In our Polyespectral Imaging Application you can learn more on this technology, the features and advantages.

Key features of the VNIR hyperspectral imaging system NRS-HERA-VIS-NIR:
- 400 - 1000 nm
- High spatial resolution 1.3 MPx.  All pixels are true image pixels. No interpolation is used.
- High spectral resolution
- Compact and lightweight; portable and plug and play
- Exports data in ENVI format
- Powerful and user friendly software (measurement & data analysis)
- Ideal for  stationary applications

The high throughput ensures high-quality data even at the lowest light dose.

Technical specifications NRS-HERA-VIS-NIR:

Spectral range400 - 1000 nm
Sensor spatial resolution1280 x 1024 pixels
User adjustable spectral resolution<1.5 nm @ 400 nm
<10 nm @ 1000 nm
Number of bits12 bits
Software interfaceLabview based
Number of spectral bands∞*
Field of view8 degrees**
Working distance1 m - ∞
Dimensions205 x 150 x 83.5 mm
Weight2 Kg
Minimum Computer Requirements16 GB RAM, SSD drive suggested

* HERA is FT spectroscopy based instrument and number of spectral bands is software selectable and independent from measurement time
** The Field of View can be doubled (up to 16 degrees) by adding an optional lens in front of the camera

Typical applications of the hyperspectral imaging systems in the visible-NIR, and recommended devices:

BlackIndustryBlackBulletBlackBoxBlackBird V2BlackMobileHERA-VisNir
Drones / RPAS / UAVs   x  
Handheld    x 
In-line applicationsx     
Machine (artificial) visionx     
General lab use xx  x
High sensitivity / low light    xx
Forensics xx  x
Vegetation, agriculture x xxx
Microscopy - fluorescence imaging     x
Solar photovoltaic - perovskite      
Biology, biomedicine, pharmax x  x
Mining, geologyxx x  
Art    xx

Comparison summary of all our hyperspectral cameras and systems in the visible - 


BlackIndustryBlackBullet V2BlackBoxBlackBird V2BlackMobileHERA-VisNir
Spectral Range (nm)500-1000500-1000500-1000500-1000500-1000400-1000
Spectral Bands100250500100100 ∞
Spectral resolution (nm)55555min <1.5
Spectral sampling (nm)52155na
Spatial resolution (px)960x1540x540640x480540x540640x4801280x1024
Frame rate (full frame)540 Hz     
Integration time (cube) <3 s4 s<3 s<3 s 
Built-in RGB Camerano2688x15122064x1544 px1800x1800 px3840x2160 pxno
Built-in LED Lighting  x x 
Hyperspectral Camera x xxx
Hyperspectral Line-Scannerx     
Hyperspectral System (cabinet)  x   
Weight1300 g630 gna790 g1500 g2000 g
Integrated scanning device (a) x xx 
Interferometric, FT detection     x

(a): push-broom models with built-in scanning element: no need to move neither camera nor object

“Black” models are also available in alternate range 400-800 nm

We are the distributors in Portugal and Spain of the manufacturers Haip Solutions (Germany), Nireos (Italy) and Silios Technologies (France).

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- visible-NIR (400-900 nm)
SWIR (900-1700/2500 nm)

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Hyperspectral Camera VNIR (400-1000nm)

Hyperspectral Camera VNIR (400-1000nm)

The HERA-VIS-NIR hyperspectral camera provides exceptional spatial-spectral resolution and a superior sensitivity in low-light illumination conditions in the VNIR range (400 - 1000 nm).
Patented technology based on Fourier Transform.
Resolution of 1.3MPx and without using interpolation: all pixels are true image pixels.

We are the distributors of Nireos in Portugal and Spain


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