HRes SWIR Multispectral Camera

Multiespectral SWIR compact cameras with wavelength coverage 1100 - 1600 nm and 9 spectral bands

SIL-Cicada SWIR multispectral cameras are specially designed to allow high integration of multispectral systems.
These lightweight and very small footprint cameras split the image into 9 spectral bands: in a single capture (snapshot) the 9 images are obtained simultaneously and aligned.
Made by hybridization of a custom Bayer-like matrix on a commercial 1296 x 1032 px InGaAs sensor, they allow extracting the spectrum on each point of an image.

The technology Color Shades(R) is a unique manufacturing technique to produce multispectral pixelated filters. The SIL-Cicada multispectral cameras are type snapshot.

In our Polyespectral Imaging Application you can learn more on this technology, the features and advantages.

These cameras meet the requirements in most of the SWIR spectral imaging applications. They are therefore a great alternative to the expensive systems based on hyperspectral cameras. Reduce the cost in your application but not with a low-cost product. Think multispectral, think Silios.

Main applications of the SWIR multispectral image systems
- chemical and material sorting
- pharmaceutical industry
- recycling
- mineral mapping
- food, beverages and agriculture
- moisture content distribution
- arts
- forensics
- general machine vision

Key features of the multispectral SWIR cameras SIL-Cicada:
- 1100 - 1600 nm
- 9 spectral bands
- snapshot
- sensor raw resolution: 1296 x 1032 px
- band resolution: 436 x 334 px
- USB3.0
- very small size and lightweight: 34 x 38 x 35 mm / 70 gr

General specifications of the multispectral SWIR imaging sensors SIL-Cicada:

Typ. Spectral Range1100 to 1600 nm
Spectral bands9
Bandwidth (FWHM avg)30 nm
Array typeInGaAs
Pixel pitch5 um
Optical interfaceCS-mount (C-mount with supplied adapt. ring)
Resolution (raw picture)1296 x 1032
Resolution (spectral pictures)436 x 334
Max. frame rate68 fps
Exposure time33 us to 10 s
Digital output12-bit USB3.0
Power supply 
Dimension34 x 38 x 35 mm
Weight70 g

Filter transmission:

This C++ & Python SDK, common to all SIL- cameras allows:

1) displaying the raw images, false color images, gray scale images or overlaid images with different indexation methods (such as "spectrum recognition")
2) normalizing the spectral channels
3) applying multispectral image corrections such as the crosstalk correction
4) extracting the hypercubes.

It runs with real time acquisition, but can also run with recorded single image or series of images (“replay mode”).
It is supplied free of charge with the camera.

Check here all our solutions in polyspectral imaging (hyperspectral and multispectral):
visible-NIR (400-900 nm)
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HRes SWIR Multispectral Camera

HRes SWIR Multispectral Camera

SIL-Cicada: Compact multispectral SWIR camera with wavelength range 1100 - 1600 nm, 9 spectral bands, and 1296 x 1032 px sensor.

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