Hyperspectral Camera VNIR (400-1000nm)

The HSC-2 camera is the only snapshot hyperspectral device on the market providing real spectral response in each pixel. No interpolation is used in image formation.

This innovative and high speed frame-based spectral imaging system, Fabry-Perot filter based, is sensitive in the VNIR (400-1000 nm) spectral range.

HSI PC-software and API:
It is easy to create image scripts and sequences with Senop Hyperspectral Imaging PC software.  Also open API is available to be able to control the camera with your own software.

Versatility of VNIR hyperspectral camera SEN-HSC-2:
The frame-based approach with integrated positioning and IMU enables easy image stitching for the mosaics with high resolution images. As a snapshot device the Senop HSC-2 hyperspectral camera has been used with a wide variety of platforms including drones and fixed wing UAVs, adding advantages in front of push-broom cameras.
When connected to the laptop, the hyperspectral live image is seen.

Key features of the VNIR hyperspectral camera SEN-HSC-2:
- Frame based snapshot Hyperspectral Camera.
- Resolution 1 MPx.  All pixels are true image pixels. No interpolation is used.
- Up to 1000 freely selectable spectral bands.
- Fastest in its class: up to 149 frames per second (fps)
- Available range: 500 - 900 nm and 450 - 800 nm (under development 400-700, 550-1000 nm)
- Available C-mount version for mounting into microscopes (hyperspectral microscopy)
- it is NOT "push-broom" type: no need to move neither the object nor the camera

Typical applications of the visible- NIR hyperspectral camera HSC-2:
- Agriculture and agro-food
- Forestry
- Hyperspectral microscopy
- Water research
- General industry
- Medical and biosciences
- Forensics

These hyperspectral VNIR cameras are recommended for airborne applications in drones (UAV, RPA). The integrgation is quite easy and straightforward and we can offer the complete pack with drone DJI Matrice 600 Pro + Ronin gimbal

If you don't need so many spectral bands but 8 or less are enough, then we can recommend our multispectral cameras

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Hyperspectral Camera VNIR (400-1000nm)

Hyperspectral Camera VNIR (400-1000nm)

The HSC-2 hyperspectral camera offers up to 1000 bands in the VNIR range (400 - 1000 nm) with a resolution of 1MPx and without using interpolation: all pixels are true image pixels.


We are the distributors of Senop in Portugal and Spain


Also available in C-mount version for hyperspectral microscopy applications

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