InGaAs camera 900-1700, HS-HDR

High dynamic range and high sensitivity InGaAs 900-1700 nm cameras

New Imaging Technologies developes and manufactures InGaAs sensors and infrared (IR) cameras using the patented logarithmic response technology HDR that doesn't require TEC.
Addint a linear functioning mode HS (activates the TEC) the result is high sensitivity images.
Thanks to that, these SWIR cameras NIT-WiDy-SensS unbeatable high dynamic range: 120 dB and also high sensitivity

Thus you can see both very bright areas and very low illumination areas in the same image and at the same time.

They come with a 24-month warranty.

Key features of the NIT HDR InGaAs cameras (900-1700nm):
- 120dB dynamic range (logarithmic mode, HDR)
- 900 - 1700 nm
- TEC disabled in HDR mode and enabled in linear mode (HS: high sensitivity)
- Global shutter
- very low weight, size and consumption
- USB3.0, CameraLink, GigE, analog or SDI video interfaces
- resolution: 320x256px or 640x512; pixel pitch 15 um2
- "smart" versions with internal on-board processing (NUC, BPR & AGC)
- versions with Gated mode that allows taking images in a very short time period: 100ns - 9us

Typical applications of the infrared (NIR - SWIR) cameras with InGaAs sensors:
- Photovoltaics, solar and semiconductor field
- electroluminescence, photoluminescence
- Welding inspection
- Thermography
- Spectroscopy and microscopy, hyperspectral
 -Inspection of electronic circuits and components
- IR imaging, specially low-light level and high speed
- Laser beam profiling
- Laser science and medical imaging
- Drones, UAV, airborne: agriculture, mining, rescue,...
- Defense, security and surveillance, nicht vision
- Machine vision
- Additive manufacturing

Chart of models of the NIT SWIR 900-1700 nm cameras

Art.Frame rateResolutionInterfaceGatedSmart
NIT-WiDy-SenS-320V-ST1000 Hz320x256 (15µm2)USB 3.0NoNo
NIT-WiDy-SenS-320M-ST1000 Hz320x256 (15µm2)CameraLinkNoNo
NIT-WiDy-SenS-640V-ST230 Hz640x512 (15µm2)USB 3.0NoNo
NIT-WiDy-SenS-640V-STP230 Hz640x512 (15µm2)USB 3.0YesNo
NIT-WiDy-SenS-640G-STE225 Hz640x512 (15µm2)GigENoYes
NIT-WiDy-SenS-640A-STE25Hz(PAL), 30Hz (NTSC)*640x512 (15µm2)AnalogNoYes
NIT-WiDy-SenS-640H-STE25 or 30Hz640x512 (15µm2)HD-SDINoYes
NIT-WiDy-SenS-640M-ST230 Hz640x512 (15µm2)CameraLinkNoNo
NIT-WiDy-SenS-640M-STE230 Hz640x512 (15µm2)CameraLinkNoYes
NIT-WiDy-SenS-640M-STP230 Hz640x512 (15µm2)CameraLinkYesNo
NIT-WiDy-SenS-640M-STPE230 Hz640x512 (15µm2)CameraLinkYesYes

Option: sensor without cover glass
Option: mounted 1" filter holder
Option: OEM split version with flex ribbon (USB and CamLink)
Option: PoE for GigE version
(*) Must select -PAL or -NTSC

Summary chart of the InGaAs SWIR 900-1700 nm cameras that we can offer:

ResolutionInterfaceMax. Frame Rate (1)Peak QEMax Dynamic Range (2)Mode (3)Cooling
NIT-WiDy-SWIR320x256 / 640x512USB3.0, GigE, Analog, CL200 / 100 Hz> 70%120 dBLogno TEC
NIT-WiDy-SenS320x256 / 640x512USB3.0, GigE, Analog, CL1000 / 230 Hz> 70%120 dBLog / LinTEC
NIT-HiPe-SenS640x512USB3.0230 Hz> 85% (90% typ)64 dBLinTEC2 + fan
NIT-SenS-12801280x1024USB3.060 Hz> 85%62 dBLinTEC
NIT-LiSa-SWIR2048x1CL60 KHz> 85%64 dBLinTEC

(1) at full resolution
(2) depending on operation parameters
(3) Logarithmic mode provides high dynamic range (HDR mode); Linear mode provides high sensitivity (HS mode)

If you need visible (CMOS) high dynamic range cameras you will be interested in the NIT-Magic

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InGaAs camera 900-1700, HS-HDR

InGaAs camera 900-1700, HS-HDR

The SWIR InGaAs cameras (900-1700 nm) from the expert manufacturer New Imaging Technologies are based in the HDR technology (High Dynamic Range).

Adding the high sensitivity mode, the cameras NIT-WiDy-SenS offer an unbeatable high dynamic range of 120 dB and also high sensitivity (HS)

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