Linear InGaAs camera 900-1700nm

High sensitivity and speed linear 2048 x 1 px InGaAs 900-1700 nm camera

The new NIT-LiSa-SWIR is a high quality line-scan camera.
With its unique performances and features, the LiSaSWIR 2048 is the perfect camera for industrial applications. Its 2048×1 pixels resolution with frame rate 60kHz, Bad Pixels Replacement and embedded Non Uniformity Correction offer a comfortable Field of view for inspection of semiconductor/wafer/solar cell panel or food sorting, hot glass inspection.

In addition it is manufactured in Europe and has a 24-month warranty.

With its TEC cooled line scan array InGaAs sensor, the NIT-LiSa-SWIR linear camera offers high response and high quantum efficiency.
CameraLink interface, compact size of 46* 46 * 65.6 mm, light weight: NIT-LiSa-SWIR is easy to integrate in any process control system.

Key features  of the high speed IT line-scan cameras NIT-LiSa-SWIR:
- TEC cooling
- 900 - 1700 nm, InGaAs sensor
- 3 gain levels
- High quantum efficiency (QE): >85% typ
- Sensor noise: <250 e-
- Frame rate: up to 60 KHz at full frame
- Global shutter
- resolution 2048 x 1 px
- Bad Pixel Replacement and embedded Non-Uniformity Correction
- CameraLink interface
- Proprietary software NITLink and SDK

Typical applications  of the infrared (NIR - SWIR) line scan high speed cameras with InGaAs sensors:
- solar panel inspection
- wafer and semiconductor inspection
- hot glass inspection
- quality and sorting (food, waste and recycling, etc...)

Specifications  of the linear 900-1700 nm high performance cameras NIT-LiSa-SWIR

Resolution2018x1 px
Pixel size7.5µm x 7.5µm
Spectral response0.9 to 1.7 μm
ResponseLinear; Low, Med & High Gain
Read-out Noise250e- (High Gain)
450e- (Medium Gain)
4000e- (Low Gain)
Dynamic range64 dB
Frame rate60 KHz, full frame
Integration Time10 μs to 220ms
TriggerIN/OUT (LVTTL-Hirose connector)
IN through CC1 (CL interface)
Trigger delayAdjustable
Dimensions46 x 46 x 65.6 mm
Lens mountC-mount native
Operating Temp0°C to +65°C
SDKWindows & Linux

Summary chart of the InGaAs SWIR 900-1700 nm cameras that we can offer:

ResolutionInterfaceMax. Frame Rate (1)Peak QEMax Dynamic Range (2)Mode (3)Cooling
NIT-WiDy-SWIR320x256 / 640x512USB3.0, GigE, Analog, CL200 / 100 Hz> 70%120 dBLogno TEC
NIT-WiDy-SenS320x256 / 640x512USB3.0, GigE, Analog, CL1000 / 230 Hz> 70%120 dBLog / LinTEC
NIT-HiPe-SenS640x512USB3.0230 Hz> 85% (90% typ)64 dBLinTEC2 + fan
NIT-SenS-12801280x1024USB3.060 Hz> 85%62 dBLinTEC
NIT-LiSa-SWIR2048x1CL60 KHz> 85%64 dBLinTEC

(1) at full resolution
(2) depending on operation parameters
(3) Logarithmic mode provides high dynamic range (HDR mode); Linear mode provides high sensitivity (HS mode)

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Linear InGaAs camera 900-1700nm

Linear InGaAs camera 900-1700nm

The new NIT-LiSa-SWIR InGaAs (900-1700 nm) high sensitivity and high speed 2048x1 linear (line-scan) camera is ideal for industrial and in-line applications

We are the distributors in Portugal and Spain of New Imaging Technologies.

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