InGaAs camera 900-1700, HDR

High dynamic range InGaAs 900-1700 nm cameras

New Imaging Technologies developes and manufactures InGaAs sensors and infrared (IR) cameras using the patented logarithmic response technology HDR.
Thanks to that these cameras NIT-WiDy-SWIR and the miniature version NIT-WiDy-NaNo offer an unbeatable high dynamic range: 120 dB.

So you can see in the same scene both very bright and very dark areas: without changing the gain, in the same image.

They come with a 24-month warranty.

Key features of the NIT HDR InGaAs cameras (900-1700nm):
- 120dB dynamic range
- 900 - 1700 nm
- TECless
- Global shutter
- very low weight, size and consumption
- Analog, USB3.0, CameraLink or GigE interfaces
- resolution: 320x256px (píxel-pitch: 25 um2) or 640x512 (15 um2)
- "smart" versions with internal on-board processing (NUC, BPR & AGC)
- NIT-WiDy-Nano: ultra compact version without housing

Typical applications of the infrared (NIR - SWIR) cameras with InGaAs sensors:
- Photovoltaics, solar and semiconductor field
- Welding inspection
- Thermography
- Spectroscopy and microscopy, hyperspectral
 -Inspection of electronic circuits and components
- IR imaging, specially low-light level and high speed
- Laser beam profiling
- Laser science and medical imaging
- Drones, UAV, airborne: agriculture, mining, rescue,...
- Defense, security and surveillance, nicht vision
- Machine vision

Chart of models of the NIT SWIR HDR 900-1700 nm cameras

Art.Frame rateResolutionInterfaceGatedSmart
NIT-WiDy-SWIR-320M-S200 Hz320x256 (25µm2)CameraLinkNoNo
NIT-WiDy-SWIR-640M-S100 Hz640x512 (15µm2)CameraLinkNoNo
NIT-WiDy-SWIR-640M-SE100 Hz640x512 (15µm2)CameraLinkNoYes
NIT-WiDy-SWIR-320V-S200 Hz320x256 (25µm2)USB 3.0NoNo
NIT-WiDy-SWIR-640V-S100 Hz640x512 (15µm2)USB 3.0NoNo
NIT-WiDy-SWIR-640G-SE100 Hz640x512 (15µm2)GigENoYes
NIT-WiDy-SWIR-640A-SE25Hz / 30Hz640x512 (15µm2)AnalogNoYes
WiDy Nano
Art.Frame rateResolutionInterfaceGatedSmart
NIT-WiDy-NaNo-640V-S100 Hz640x512 (15µm2)USB 3.0NoNo

In this video you can see the value of this camera for welding inspection (TIG more precisely, but valid for any type):

Summary chart of the InGaAs SWIR 900-1700 nm cameras that we can offer:

ResolutionInterfaceMax. Frame Rate (1)Peak QEMax Dynamic Range (2)Mode (3)Cooling
NIT-WiDy-SWIR320x256 / 640x512USB3.0, GigE, Analog, CL200 / 100 Hz> 70%120 dBLogno TEC
NIT-WiDy-SenS320x256 / 640x512USB3.0, GigE, Analog, CL1000 / 230 Hz> 70%120 dBLog / LinTEC
NIT-HiPe-SenS640x512USB3.0230 Hz> 85% (90% typ)64 dBLinTEC2 + fan
NIT-SenS-12801280x1024USB3.060 Hz> 85%62 dBLinTEC
NIT-LiSa-SWIR2048x1CL60 KHz> 85%64 dBLinTEC

(1) at full resolution
(2) depending on operation parameters
(3) Logarithmic mode provides high dynamic range (HDR mode); Linear mode provides high sensitivity (HS mode)

If you need visible (CMOS) high dynamic range cameras (140dB) you will be interested in the NIT-Magic

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InGaAs camera 900-1700, HDR

InGaAs camera 900-1700, HDR

The SWIR InGaAs cameras (900-1700 nm) from the expert manufacturer New Imaging Technologies are based in the HDR technology (High Dynamic Range).

Thanks to that the cameras NIT-WiDy-SWIR and NIT-WiDy-NaNo offer an unbeatable high dynamic range: 120 dB

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