InGaAs camera 900-1700, high sensitivity

High sensitivity InGaAs 900-1700 nm cameras

The new NIT-HiPE-SenS is a high end SWIR camera. It has TEC & fan air-cooled operating mode.
The camera features best in class performance for low light images and also long exposure time applications (thanks to very Low Noise and very Low Dark Current)

The NIT-HiPE-SenS infrared camera fills the gap between too expensive cooled systems and inexpensive cameras with short exposure times. Many applications don't demand cooling down to -80ºC and the cost-effective price of the HiPE-SenS will position it as a great candidate for high performance yet affordable InGaAs cameras.

They come with a 24-month warranty.

Key features  of the NIT high end IR InGaAs cameras (900-1700nm):
- TEC & fan air-cooled: operation at -20ºC
- 900 - 1700 nm, high QE InGaAs sensor
- 3 gain levels
- Lowest dark current in its class: <1500 e-/pixels/s @-20°C
- High QE: 90% typ
- Long exposure times
- Sensor noise: <40 e-
- Integration time: 10 us to 112 s
- Frame rate: up to 230 fps full frame
- Global shutter
- VGA, 640 x 512 px
- Bad Pixel Replacement and Non-Uniformity Correction
- USB3.0 interface
- Proprietary software WiDyVision and SDK; Windows and Linux
- MicroManager adapter

Typical applications  of the infrared (NIR - SWIR) high sensitivity cameras with InGaAs sensors:
- Medical & Life Science
- Metrology
- Microscopy
- Hyperspectral
- Process control (industry, semiconductors, food, …)
- Surveillance
- Photon counting
- Infrared imaging in general

Specifications  of the NIT SWIR 900-1700 nm high performance cameras

InterfaceUSB 3.0
Resolution640×512 pixels
Pixel size15µm x 15µm
Spectral response0.9 to 1.7 μm
ResponseLinear (CTIA) Low, Med & High Gain
QE>85% (90% typ)
Sensor Noise<40e−
Frame rateUp to 230fps full frame
Integration Time10 μs to 112s
Partial Reading Modedown to 16×16
Dark current Value<1500 e-/pixels/s @-20°C
Operating ModeTEC + Fan air-cooled
Cooling capacityΔ50°C
TriggerIN/OUT (LVTTL), adjustable delay
Dimension46 x 57 x 112 mm
MountC-Mount native
Power Supply12V
SDKUSB Win & Linux; Micromanager adapter

Summary chart of the InGaAs SWIR 900-1700 nm cameras that we can offer:

ResolutionInterfaceMax. Frame Rate (1)Peak QEMax Dynamic Range (2)Mode (3)Cooling
NIT-WiDy-SWIR320x256 / 640x512USB3.0, GigE, Analog, CL200 / 100 Hz> 70%120 dBLogno TEC
NIT-WiDy-SenS320x256 / 640x512USB3.0, GigE, Analog, CL1000 / 230 Hz> 70%120 dBLog / LinTEC
NIT-HiPe-SenS640x512USB3.0230 Hz> 85% (90% typ)64 dBLinTEC2 + fan
NIT-SenS-12801280x1024USB3.060 Hz> 85%62 dBLinTEC
NIT-LiSa-SWIR2048x1CL60 KHz> 85%64 dBLinTEC

(1) at full resolution
(2) depending on operation parameters
(3) Logarithmic mode provides high dynamic range (HDR mode); Linear mode provides high sensitivity (HS mode)

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InGaAs camera 900-1700, high sensitivity

InGaAs camera 900-1700, high sensitivity

The NIT-HiPe-SenS SWIR InGaAs high sensitivity cameras (900-1700 nm) from the expert manufacturer New Imaging Technologies are the highest performance cameras of the market at afordable price for low-light and long exposure time applications.

The TEC + fan air cooling allows for high response

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