Diode temperature controllers: OEM

TECPak: high stability laser and LED diode temperature (TEC) controllers: OEM

The TECPak models offer the same quality as TECSource desktop TEC controllers but in a smaller format and lower cost by eliminating the user interface.

Key features: TECPak OEM TEC controllers:
- stability: ± 0.004 ºC
- Autotune: automatic calculation of PID parameters
- fully controllable PID settings
- sensor type: thermistor
- Computer interfaces: USB2.0, RS232; control software
- analog interface for use without a PC
- command compatibility for Newport and ILX Lightwave

Chart of models of TECPak OEM laser diode temperature controllers

ARR-585-04-0828 W4 A8 V±0.004⁰CThermistor, RTD
ARR-585-05-1255 W5 A12 V±0.004⁰CThermistor, RTD
ARR-586-04-56224 W4 A56 V±0.004⁰CThermistor, LM335, RTD
ARR-586-08-26190 W8 A26 V±0.004⁰CThermistor, LM335, RTD
ARR-586-28-54392 W8 A54 V±0.004⁰CThermistor, LM335, RTD
ARR-586-15-28345 W15 A28 V±0.004⁰CThermistor, LM335, RTD

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We can also provide:
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- LaserSource:  diode current drivers
- TECSource:  diode temperature controllers (TEC)
- LaserMount:  laser diode mounts
- MultiSource: multichannel diode current and temperature controllers, also fixture solutions


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Diode temperature controllers: OEM

Diode temperature controllers: OEM

TECPak: laser and LED diode TEC (temperature) controller in OEM format

We are the distributors of Arroyo Instruments in Portugal and Spain

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