Diode temperature controllers

TECSource: high stability laser and LED diode temperature (TEC) controllers

These controllers offer powers up to 960W so that the available power is no longer a limitation. Do you think that controllers for these powers are very expensive? Ask for prices and compare.
The TECSource 5300 and 5400 series support all common sensor inputs: thermistor, RTD, AD590 and LM335, and 4-wire RTD sensor (on 5200 series thermistor only)
It also has the AutoTune function for automatic PID calculation.
The 5400 series also includes security interlock and seven sensor inputs

Key features: TECSource TEC controllers
- stability: ± 0.004 ºC
- Autotune: automatic calculation of PID parameters
- fully controllable PID settings
- simultaneous display of current temperature, target temperature, current and voltage
- large VFD data viewer, visible with laser protection glasses
- USB2.0 (all models) and RS232 (5300 and 5400 series); control software
- command compatibility for Newport and ILX Lightwave

Chart of models of TECSource laser diode temperature controllers

ARR-524028 W4 A7 VThermistor
ARR-530560 W5 A12 VThermistor, RTD, AD590, LM335
ARR-5310120 W10 A12 VThermistor, RTD, AD590, LM335
ARR-5300-08-24192 W8 A24 VThermistor, RTD, AD590, LM335
ARR-5300-10-18180 W10 A18 VThermistor, RTD, AD590, LM335
ARR-5400-15-28420 W15 A28 VThermistor, RTD, AD590, LM335
ARR-5400-30-28840 W30 A28 VThermistor, RTD, AD590, LM335
ARR-5400-20-56960 W20 A56 VThermistor, RTD, AD590, LM335

All of them:: stability +/-0.004ºC

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We can also provide:
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- TECSource:  diode temperature controllers (TEC)
- LaserMount:  laser diode mounts
- MultiSource: multichannel diode current and temperature controllers, also fixture solutions


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Diode temperature controllers

Diode temperature controllers

TECSource: laser and LED diode TEC (temperature) controller

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