Diode current drivers

LaserSource: Laser and LED diode current controllers (drivers)

Arroyo Instruments & Iberoptics, distributor in Portugal and España, offer the family LaserSource of precision and low noise diode current drivers.

These drivers have a USB2.0 control interface (all models) and RS232 (4300 series and higher) and control software and have the features expected from any driver, such as safety interlock, ESD protection and current limiting circuits and voltage.

But in addition the LaserSource range has unique characteristics  that are not found in competing driver products such as
- optically isolated photodiode and modulation inputs (avoid "ground loops")
- programmable PD bias
- constant voltage control mode
- Dual current range: improves noise and accuracy in the low current range (half the total) while reaching high currents

Other features of the ARR-LaserSource laser diode current drivers
- up to 100A and 56V (ask if you need more)
- high stability / low noise
- great precision
- modes of operation: constant current, constant power, constant voltage
- large VFD data viewer, visible with laser protection glasses
- advanced laser diode protection
- USB2.0 (all) / RS232 (4300 series and above)
- command compatibility for Newport and ILX Lightwave

The three series of the ARR-LaserSource range are:
- ARR-4200-DR: dual range up to 2A and 10V. This allows the flexibility of two instruments in one: select the lower range (mid-range) for low currents and you will have greater precision and stability and less noise; select the top for high power devices
- ARR-4300: for medium and high powers, such as pump lasers, open beam lasers and high power devices connected to fiber. It also has RS-232 interface and the quasi-continuous mode option (QCW), which allows the diode to operate at low duty cycle, thus mitigating the thermal load, and makes it possible to work at higher optical powers than those obtained in CW mode.
- ARR-4400: for high powers, available with up to 100A and 56V, and with QCW option

Chart of models: laser and LED diode current controllers (drivers)

 CurrentVoltageAccuracy (±)NoiseBWOption QCWLaser connector
ARR-4201-DR100 mA10 V0.025% + 0.03 mA< 1 µA325 KHzNoDB-0, female
ARR-4205-DR500 mA10 V0.025% + 0.12 mA< 1.5 µA325 KHzNoDB-0, female
ARR-4220-DR2 A5 V0.025% + 0.5 mA< 15 µA150 KHzNoDB-0, female
ARR-43022 A15 V0.05% + 0.4 mA< 20 µA65 KHzYesDB-0, female
ARR-43044 A8 V0.05% + 0.8 mA< 30 µA50 KHzYesDB-0, female
ARR-43088 A5 V0.05% + 1.6 mA< 60 µA40 KHzYesDB-0, female
ARR-432020 A5 V0.05% + 4 mA< 5 mA10 KHzYes9W4
ARR-4400-10-5610 A56 V0.05% + 5 mA< 5 mA10 KHzYes13W3
ARR-4400-15-2815 A28 V0.05% + 8 mA< 8 mA10 KHzYes13W3
ARR-4400-20-4820 A48 V0.05% + 10 mA< 10 mA10 KHzYes13W3
ARR-4400-30-1430 A14 V0.05% + 15 mA< 15 mA10 KHzYes13W3
ARR-4400-30-2830 A28 V0.05% + 15 mA< 15 mA10 KHzYes13W3
ARR-4400-40-2440 A24 V0.05% + 20 mA< 20 mA10 KHzYes13W3
ARR-4400-60-0560 A5 V0.05% + 30 mA< 30 mA10 KHzYesBus Bar
ARR-4400-60-1460 A14 V0.05% + 30 mA< 30 mA10 KHzYesBus Bar
ARR-4400-80-1280 A12 V0.05% + 40 mA< 40 mA10 KHzYesBus Bar
ARR-4400-100-05100 A5 V0.05% + 50 mA< 50 mA10 KHzYesBus Bar
ARR-4400-100-10100 A10 V0.05% + 50 mA< 50 mA10 KHzYesBus Bar

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Diode current drivers

Diode current drivers

LaserSource: laser and LED current controllers (drivers)

We are the distributors of Arroyo Instruments in Portugal and Spain

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