Diode current drivers: OEM

LaserPak: Laser and LED diode current controllers (drivers) in OEM format

Arroyo Instruments & Iberoptics, distributor in Portugal and España, offer the family LaserPak of precision and low noise OEM diode current drivers.

The LaserPak models offer the same quality as the desktop models but in a reduced format (1/3) and lower cost by eliminating the user interface. They also have the features expected from any driver, such as safety interlock, ESD protection and current and voltage limiting circuits.

Key features of OEM laser diode current drivers ARR-LaserPak
- up to 8A and 15V (ask if you need more)
- high stability / low noise
- great precision
- modes of operation: constant current, constant power, constant voltage
- advanced laser diode protection
- Computer interfaces: USB2.0, RS232
- analog interface for use without a PC
- command compatibility for Newport and ILX Lightwave

Chart of models: laser and LED diode current controllers (drivers) in OEM format

ARR-485-02-152 A15 V0.05% + 0.4 mA< 60 µA65 KHz
ARR-485-04-084 A8 V0.05% + 0.8 mA< 100 µA50 KHz
ARR-485-08-058 A5V0.05% + 1.6 mA< 200 µA40 KHz

Find similarly banchtop format diode current drivers ARR-LaserSource

We can also provide:
- Combo Source:  diode current driver and temperature (TEC) controller combos
- LaserSource:  diode current drivers
- TECSource:  diode temperature controllers (TEC)
- LaserMount:  laser diode mounts
- MultiSource: multichannel diode current and temperature controllers, also fixture solutions


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Diode current drivers: OEM

Diode current drivers: OEM

LaserPak: OEM laser and LED current controllers (drivers)

We are the distributors of Arroyo Instruments in Portugal and Spain

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