Controlador diodos: Combo TEC + driver: OEM

ComboPak:  combo TEC (temperature) controller and current driver in one OEM box

ComboPak is the Arroyo Instruments' line of precision and low noise laser and LED diode controllers, integrating current driver and temperature control in one OEM box.

The ComboPak series brings together the best of both worlds: the high precision, stability and low noise of the LaserSource series of current drivers and a powerful 12W (3A, 4V) temperature controller from the TecPak series.
Includes USB and RS232 interfaces for computer control and a powerful analog interface for full control and monitoring without the need for a PC

The current controller part has the features that would be expected from any controller, such as safety interlock, ESD protection, and current and voltage limiting circuits. But in addition the LaserSource range has unique characteristics that are not found in competing driver products such as
- optically isolated photodiode and modulation inputs (avoid "ground loops")
- programmable PD bias
- constant voltage control mode

The temperature controller part offers 10.5W (3A, 3.5V) TEC control and supports thermistor sensor input.
It also has the AutoTune function for automatic PID calculation

Key features of the OEM laser diode controllers ARR-ComboPak:
Laser: up to 3.5V and 1A
- Laser: great precision and stability and low noise
- TEC: 10.5W (3A, 3.5V)
- TEC: Autotune: automatic calculation of PID parameters
- TEC: fully controllable PID settings
- advanced diode protection
- USB2.0 and RS232; control software
- analog interface for full control and monitoring without a computer
- command support for Newport and ILX

Chart of models: ARR-ComboPak driver + TEC controller in one OEM box

 Laser CurrentLaser VoltageTEC CurrentTEC VoltageAccuracyNoiseBW
ARR-685-0.1100 mA10 V3 A3.5 V0.025% + 0.03 mA< 5 µA150 KHz
ARR-685-0.5500 mA10 V3 A3.5 V0.025% + 0.12 mA< 5 µA100 KHz
ARR-685-011 A10 V3 A3.5 V0.025% + 0.3 mA< 10 µA100 KHz
ARR-685-022 A3.5 V3 A3.5 V0.025% + 0.5 mA< 40 µA100 KHz

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Controlador diodos: Combo TEC + driver: OEM

Controlador diodos: Combo TEC + driver: OEM

ComboPak: combined controller of laser and LED diodes: combro TEC (temperature) controller and current driver in one box, in OEM format

We are the distributors of Arroyo Instruments in Portugal and Spain

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