Laser beam profile analyzer

PES-Huaris is a laser beam profiler with high response yet reduced price.

It is simple in use, inexpensive to buy, durable and giving you just the information you need about your beam quality. The software is not overloaded with excessive data. The measurement report is generated fairly easy.

Huaris has numerous features that are intended to help you to make the measurement as quickly as possible and as easy as it gets. In order to achieve it we have been extensively working on hardware and software optimization.

The device we offer – a profiler, is not only simple and easy to use, but above all durable and solid. It allows you to measure all the most important parameters of the laser beam width in the scientific environment and in industry, and is additionally economical to purchase. This is a great solution where the user interface is not overloaded with too much information presented. What’s more? The measurement report is very easy to generate. HUARIS has many features that have been created to make the measurement as quick and easy as possible. That is why the hardware and software part have been optimized in terms of work ergonomics.

The Huaris laser beam profile analyzer is available in two versions, with following specifications:

Pixel Class1.3 MP5 MP
Resolution1.31 Mpix5.04 MPix
Resolution (h x v)1280 x 1024 px2592 x 1944 px
Aspect ratio5:44:3
ADC10 bit12 bit
Color depth (camera)8 bit12 bit
Optical sensor class1/2"1/2.5"
Optical Size6.656 mm x 5.325 mm5.702 mm x 4.277 mm
Optical sensor diagonal8.52 mm (1/1.88")7.13 mm (1/2.24")
Pixel size5.2 µm2.20 µm
Sensor manufacturerONSEMIONSEMI
Sensor modelMT9M001STMAr0521
Sensor typeCMOS MonoCMOS Mono
ShutterRolling ShutterRolling Shutter
Sensor characteristicLinearLinear
Readout modeProgressive scanProgressive scan
Ambient conditions
Device temperature during operation0 °C - 55°C0°C - 55°C
Device temperature during storage-20°C - 60°C-20 °C - 80 °C
Humidity (relative, non-condensing)20 % - 80 %20 % - 80 %
Interface connectorUSB 2.0 mini-BUSB Type-C, Standard 3.1
Power supplyUSB cableUSB cable
Interface-Speed0.47 Gbps5.00 Gbps
IP codeNoNo

We offer 3 products depending of your needs:

Classical laser beam profiler, in compat (CMOS) camera format

Consists of Huaris 1 with a 7" tablet with the software loaded and ready to use. It allows space saving in the laser laboratories and lets maintenance staff to carry less of the equipment to the service place.

Free service for our clientes. We offer a cloud tool that allows:
1) Long-term monitoring of the trends in the parameters characterizing the laser beam
2) REMOTE viewing of the laser activity
3) REMOTE preview of the distribution of the laser beam intensity

In the tab "Download" you will find the specifications and broucheres of these products for laser beam profile analisys

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Laser beam profile analyzer

Laser beam profile analyzer

Cost-effective laser beam profile analizer, with options of tablet and cloud connectivity for long-term remote monitoring

We are the distributors of the Perspectiva Solutions Huaris products in Portugal and Spain

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