High power femtosecond laser

Jasper Flex: high power femtosecond fiber laser: 1030, 515, 343, 258 nm.
Jasper Flex is our new high-power femtosecond laser for microprocessing. Its compact size makes it even easier to use and to integrate into existing systems. It delivers pulses with a maximum energy of 30 uJ at up to 1 MHz repetition rate. The user-configurable burst mode brings new capabilities in industries manufacturing consumer electronics, integrated photonics, and displays.

We believe that the most important part of the high-power laser is a femtosecond oscillator. It is the heart of our every system. Jasper Flex is based on Fluence’s unique technology of truly all-fiber, SESAM-free oscillator that was tested to operate at 40 g vibration. Additionally, it was assessed in a vast range of temperatures spanning over 50 deg C. The oscillator together with a fiber preamplifier creates a monolithic construction immune to misalignment. This defines the robustness of the Jasper Flex system.

Key features of the high power femtoseconds pulsed laser FLU-Jasper Flex:
- 1030 nm; opt. 515, 343, 258 nm
- Tunable pulse duration < 270 fs - 8 ps (opt. up to 20 ps)
- Max. pulse energy: > 30 uJ
- Max. average power: > 30 W
- Base repetition rate: 20 ± 2.5 MHz; tunable from single pulses
- Burst mode for process enhancement
- Industrial grade, scientific performance
- All-fiber design; based on truly all-fiber, SESAM-free FLU-Oscillator
- Long lifetime and unprecedent stability

Key specifications of the high power femtoseconds pulsed laser FLU-Jasper Flex:

 Jasper Flex
Max. average power> 30 W
Max. pulse energy> 30 μJ
at repetition rate up to 1 MHz (ask for higher)
System base repetition rate20 ± 2.5 MHz
Two stage repetition rate tuning:Selectable with control software
   Internal repetition rate1 MHz - 20 MHz
   Pulse pickerSingle pulse – 1 MHz
Pulse duration< 270 fs (FWHM) (< 250 fs typical)
Pulse duration tuning< 270 fs – 8 ps (optional wide tuning up to 20 ps)
Central wavelength1030 ± 5 nm
Optional wavelength outputsWith Harmonic Generation Module (HGM): 515 nm, 343 nm, 258 nm
Built-in pulse pickerPulse on demand, any division of the base repetition rate
Beam quality M2< 1.3 (typical < 1.15)
PolarizationLinear, vertical
Burst mode for process enhancementIncluded
External gating triggerIncluded
Laser control softwareIncluded
Size646 x 416 x 111 mm
Weight40 Kg
Power supply size485 x 496 x 133 mm (3U 19" rack)
Power supply weight13 Kg
Chiller size6U 19" (ask for other options)

Jasper is the right choice whenever there is a need for high power and high pulse energy while maintaining a very short pulse duration. Some applications include:

- Display repair
- Micromachining - materials processing
- Polymer cutting
- Surface structuring
- Ophthalmology
- Pumping of Optical Parametric Amplifiers (e.g. Fluence Harmony)
- Pump and probe spectroscopy (when used in tandem with Fluence Harmony)
- FIBS sample preparation for AFM
- Three-photon excited fluorescence (when used in tandem with Fluence Harmony)
- femtochemistry
- photovoltaics
- photochemistry; pump-probe experiments
- transient absorption spectroscopy

We are the distributors in Portugal and Spain of the technology leader in  femtosecond lasers Fluence Technology.

If you work with ultrafast lasers you might need:
- Laser protection eyewear and other laser safety products
- LPT-Blink-HS: laser power and energy meter with oscilloscope funtion up to 1MHz
- Instrumentation for laser pulse characterization & diagnostics

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High power femtosecond laser

High power femtosecond laser

Jasper Flex: high power femtosecond fiber laser: 1030, 515, 343, 258 nm
All-fiber construction, SESAM-free
Tunable pulse duration < 270 fs - 8 ps
Frecuencia base: 20 ± 2.5 MHz; tunable from single pulses
Max. pulse energy: > 30 uJ; Max. average power: > 30 W

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