High Speed MHz Laser Sensor

Blink-HS: high speed laser power and energy sensor head: 500 MSamples/s

LaserPoint's BLINK-HS laser sensors (and associated meter) are based on a proprietary technology on thermopile design that makes this product the fastest laser power and energy sensor currently available. This technology allows combining the high response speed of a photodiode with the broadband and high power operation of a thermopile.

Laser applications requiring high speed measurements can take advantage of the sub-microsecond response time. This BLINK-HS feature allows
- measuring the energy of each pulse emitted by laser sources with
- repetition rates up to 1 MHz,
- pulse durations down to femtoseconds (fs) and
- average power up to 20W,
characteristics that cannot be present all together in pyroelectric, thermopile or photodiode sensors. Moreover, its high damage threshold and efficient water cooling allow withstanding energies up to 10mJ.

Key features of the Blink-HS high speed laser power and energy sensor head:
- 20 W max. laser power measurement
- 10 mJ max. laser energy measurement
- measurement active area: 14x14 mm
- 500 MSamples/s sampling rate

BLINKHS can be deployed by laser manufactures to detect fast instabilities in laser sources as well as by system integrators to monitor fast processes in production lines. Combining all advantages present in photodiodes, pyroelectric and thermal detectors, BLINKHS is a very versatile product, suited to measure most of the laser sources commercially available, from ultrashort pulse (ultrafast lasers: picoseconds and femtoseconds) to CW lasers. High speed electronics is also available with a sampling rate up to 500 Msample/s to provide a precise energy measurement of each single pulse.

As an example of the capabilities of the LPT-Blink-HS, we show the rise in the energy emitted by a laser (800fs, 1.8MHz, 1080nm, 17W) at start.
The following screenshot shows the energy emitted during 1ms, the initial one after laser start.

Moreover, the APP "Pulse Controller" integrates the missing pulses detection i.e. pulses that have no sufficient energy to start the measurement; or low energy pulse detection i.e. pulses that have a detected energy below the user specified threshold. In the following figure you can observe this functionality as measured by the trace of the oscilloscope of the single pulse train (red) and also the TTL Alarm output (yellow).

Missing pulse detection

Chart of models:  Blink-HS high speed laser power and energy sensor head

Power ModeLPT-BM-A-5W-14-TLPT-BM-A-8W-14-TLPT-BM-A-15W-14-TLPT-BM-W-20W-14-T
Power range1 mW - 5 W1 mW - 8 W1 mW - 15 W1 mW - 20 W
Power calibration uncertainty± 5%
Spatial uniformity (1)± 5%
Energy Mode    
Energy range1 uJ - 10 mJ
Max repetition rate1 MHz
Energy resolution0.25 uJ
Calibration Uncertainty± 5%
Absorber Specs    
Aperture14 x 14 mm
Absorber Spectral Range0.2 - 11 µm
Calibration Spectral Range0,355 / 0,532 / 1,07 / 10,6 um (a, b)
Max. Power Density (2)0,1 KW/cm2
Max. Energy Density (3)35 mJ/cm2
General Characteristics    
CoolingConvection (c)Convection (c)Forced air (d)Water (e)
Weight130 g240 g380 g170 g
Dimensions60x60x16.5 mm60x60x41.6 mm60x60x66 mm60x60x25.7 mm
Max Operating Temperature60°C60°C40°Cna

(0) 15W max 2 sec exposure, max 20% duty cycle
(1) 3mm beam diameter, scanning 80% of active area
(2) Damage thresholds depend on power level.
(3) Single shot
(a) @ 10.6 µm sensor reflectivity 70%
(b) Others wavelength on request
(c) Recommended ambient temperature: 10 -30 °C
(d) Recommended ambient temperature: 10 -35 °C
(e) Water min. 1 l/min, max. 4 l/min (@ 10 - 25 °C); admissible rate of water temperature variation < 1 °C/min

The Blink-HS sensors are developed to work together with the high speed laser power and energy meter LPT-HSM-1000

Meet here all our laser power and energy sensors, splitted into their two main groups:
- standard laser power and energy sensors-meters
BLINK: high speed and fast response laser sensors, for ultrafast lasers (picoseconds, femtoseconds).

If you work with lasers, visit our sections:
- laser power and energy measurement
  (standard thermopile and photodiode sensors and meters
- laser safety and protection
- laser beam profile analyzers

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High Speed MHz Laser Sensor

High Speed MHz Laser Sensor

Blink-HS: high speed laser power and energy sensor head and meter, sampling rate of 500 Msamples/s, valid for femtosecond lasers with repetition rate up to 1MHz.

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