Fast Response Laser Sensor

Blink-FR: fast response laser power sensor head: 90ms

LaserPoint's BLINK-FR laser sensors are based on a proprietary technology which enables natural response times of 90 ms (typ.) while still keeping broadband spectral range, power density capability and direct high power operation up to 50W.

The response time is a key parameter for laser detectors where a fast measurement is required. Several phenomena like pointing stability, fast drifts, instabilities, etc,… can only be monitored if the detector responds very quickly. However, when the detector is fast it cannot withstand high powers and when it measures high power it is slow:
- photodetectors can respond to pulses < 1ns but can only withstand milliwatts of direct laser power.
- thermopile detectors are inherently slow: their natural response times range from > 1s to several tens of seconds, depending on the maximum power rating. Those response times can be reduced by electronics and speed-up algorithms, but cannot be lower than 800ms-1 s, and only in the case of very low power heads.

Blink-FR fast response laser power sensor heads solve the problem, offering
- response time down to 90 ms (typ.)  (without any acceleration by additional electronics)
- 50W  measuring power.
- measurement active area: 16x16 mm

These new laser power measurement sensors open the way to a number of applications that were not possible before.

Chart of models: fast response laser power and energy sensor meter Blink-FR

Power ModeLPT-BL-A-5W-16-KLPT-BL-A-8W-16-KLPT-BL-A-25W-16-KLPT-BL-W-50W-16-K
Power range25 mW - 5 W (0)25 mW - 8 W (0)25 mW - 25 W30 mW - 50 W
NEP1 mW1 mW1 mW15 mW
Response time (0-90%)Typ. 90 ms (50-120ms)
Power calibration uncertainty+/-3%
Power linearity (1)+/-3%+/-3%+/-3%± 5%
Spatial uniformity (2)+/-3%
Energy Mode    
Energy range20 mJ - 5 J
Max repetition rate5 Hz
Calibration Uncertainty± 5%
Absorber Specs    
Aperture16 x 16 mm
Absorber Spectral Range0.2 - 25 µm
Calibration Spectral Range0.25 - 1.1 µm; 10.6 µm
Max. Power Density (3)1,5 KW/cm2
Max. Energy Density1 J/cm2 (10 ns pulse)
General Characteristics    
CoolingConvectionConvectionForced air (a)Water (b)
Weight140 g240 g380 g130 g
Dimensions60x60x16.1 mm60x60x41.2 mm60x60x66 mm56x56x18,5 mm

(0) 25W max 2 sec exposure, max 20% duty cycle
(1) Detector centrally irradiated @50% of useful surface.
(2) 3mm beam diameter, scanning 80% of active area
(3) Measured at 1064 nm, 2W (convection) / 5 W (forced air) / 10W (water). Damage thresholds depend on power level.
(a) Recommended ambient temperature: 10 -35 °C
(b) Water Min. 1 l/min, Max 4 l/min (@ 10-25 °C). Admissible rate of water temperature variation < 1 °C/min.

The Blink-FR laser sensors LPT-BL are available either with
- USB connection
- RS232 connection
- connection to external power and energy meter LPT-PLUS-2

Also available as OEM amplified sensor with connection through bare wires

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Fast Response Laser Sensor

Fast Response Laser Sensor

Blink-FR: fast response (90ms) laser power and energy sensor, with connection to external meter, RS232 or USB.

We are distributors of LaserPoint in Spain and Portugal.

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