High power diode laser - Oxxius

High Power diode lasers - Oxxius

OXX-LBX-HPE is Oxxius' series of high power diode laser modules, with transverse multimode emission, excellent response and reliability in a compact laser head.

Features and options of high power diode laser modules of Oxxius OXX-LBX-HPE:
-multimode collimated elliptic laser beam
- compact models
- ± 1 % power stability
- analog modulation
- USB, RS232 and analog interface
- electromechanical shutter. Suitable for desactivating the laser without turning it off.
- multimode fiber output (optional, check powers at the output of the fiber)
- heat sink (optional)
- OEM or P&P controller version (CE)

Chart of models available (wavelength/power) for the high power diode laser modules series of Oxxius OXX-LBX-HPE:

Wavelength (nm)Max. Power (mW)Wavelength (nm)Max. Power (mW)
OXX-LBX-375-HPE200, 400OXX-LBX-638-HPE   1100
OXX-LBX-405-HPE900, 1200OXX-LBX-750-HPE1200
OXX-LBX-450-HPE650, 1200OXX-LBX-785-HPE800

other wavelengths available: 525nm/1000mW, 830nm/1200mW

Typical applications of the high power diode lasers of Oxxius OXX-LBX-HPE:
- Optical Microscopy
- Medical and biomedicine
- Illumination
- High-Throughput inspection
- Polymer curing
- Laser pumping
- Sensors

Y como referencia aquí tiene todas los modelos de láseres de Oxxius (TEM00, alta potencia, SLM):
Láseres SLM: banda estrecha; diodo y DPSS (-S)
Láseres de muy bajo ruido TEM00: diodo y DPSS
Láseres de alta potencia: multimodo, haz elíptico, diodo (-HPE)

Wavelength (nm)Power (mW)Type
OXX-LBX-37570, 200 (-HPE), 400 (-HPE)Diode
OXX-LBX-40550, 100, 180, 300, 900 (-HPE), 1200 (-HPE)Diode
OXX-LBX-45070, 650 (-HPE), 1200 (-HPE)Diode 
OXX-LBX-473300, 1000 (-HPE)Diode 
OXX-LBX-48840, 50, 60, 100, 150, 200, 1000 (-HPE)Diode 
OXX-LBX-52070, 800 (HPE)Diode 
OXX-LCX-53250, 50 (-S), 100, 100 (-S), 150, 150 (-S), 200, 200 (-S) 300, 300 (-S) 500, 500 (-S)DPSS
OXX-LCX-55350, 100, 100 (-S), 200, 200 (-S)DPSS
OXX-LCX-56150, 50 (-S), 100, 100 (-S) 150, 150 (-S), 200, 200 (-S) 300, 300 (-S)DPSS
OXX-LBX-63340 (-S), 100Diode
OXX-LBX-638100, 150, 180, 1100 (-HPE)Diode
OXX-LPX-64050, 100, 250, 300, 500DPSS
OXX-LBX-7501200 (-HPE)Diode
OXX-LBX-785100, 150 (-S), 250, 350, 800 (-HPE)Diode 
OXX-LBX-830100 (-S), 1000 (-HPE)Diode 
OXX-LBX-940800 (-HPE)Diode 
OXX-LCX-1064100 (-S), 200 (-S), 300 (-S), 500 (-S)DPSS

If you work with lasers, visit our sections:
- laser power and energy measurement
- laser safety and protection
- laser beam profile analyzers

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High power diode laser - Oxxius

High power diode laser - Oxxius

Diode laser modules with high power output at the trade of transversal multimode emission.
Possibility of high power diode lasers with multimode fiber output or free space output.
Diode lasers for biomedical, imaging, illumination, inspection, pumping and general industrial applications.
We are the exclusive distributors of Oxxius in Portugal and Spain.

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