Single frequency Laser (SLM) - Oxxius

DPSS and diode laser with longitudinal monomode emission (single frequency lasers, SLM) - Oxxius

The series of longitudinal (and transverse) single-mode lasers of the supplier Oxxius consists of both stabilized single-mode diode lasers and diode-pumped solid-state single-mode (DPSS) lasers.

These lasers, also known as single frequency lasers, offer long coherence lengths and exceptional stability at the emission frequency, making them especially suitable for the following applications among others:
- UV-VIS-NIR spectroscopy
- Raman spectroscopy
- Metrology
- Interferometry
- Holography
- photo-luminescence
- Laser Doppler velocimetry
- Laser Ultrasounds
- Brillouin and dynamic light scattering

Oxxius' series of single-frequency diode and DPSS lasers offer the highest stability against temperature variations and beam quality, and the lowest spectral width (longest coherence length) and noise based on their groundbreaking proprietary technology of Alignment-free Monolithic Resonator - AMR. The monolithic integration of the cavity elements also eliminates losses and enables high powers without disturbing the emission quality.

Furthermore, during operation and power adjustment of the SLM laser, there will be no mode skipping or frequency shifts between ON / OFF cycles (eliminating the need for calibration).

Furthermore, during operation and power adjustment of the SLM laser, there will be no mode-hop neither frequency shifts between ON/OFF cycles (eliminating the need of calibration)

Features of longitudinal single-mode lasers (SLM, diodes and DPSS), from Oxxius:
- Linewidth ≤ 1 MHz (DPSS) / ≤ 100 MHz typ. (diode)
- Coherence length ≥ 100 m (DPSS) / ≥ 1 m typ. (diodo)
- Wavelength stability (over 8 h): ≤ 1 pm (DPSS) / ≤ 10 pm +/- 5 nm (diode)
- TEM00 (gaussian) transversal mode
- Ultra-low noise ≤ 0.2 %
- Power stability ± 1 %
- Compact
- Graphical user interface with remote diagnosis; USB and RS232 interfaces

Options available for longitudinal single-mode laser, from Oxxius:
- power control: by motorized power attenuator (when no shift in wavelength and best spectral quality is required) or by adjusting the current (less demanding applications)
- fiber coupling (multimode, single-mode or maintained polarization) or free space output
- electromechanical shutter: operating by software, TTL or by external control (ask for availability according to laser). Ultra-fast shutter options
- Acousto-Optic Modulator (AOM)
- integrated optical isolator (compatible with fiber coupling)
- Wavelength pre-selection and pre-adjustment
- Heat sink (DPSS included by default, stabilized diodes optional)
- SMSR> 70 dB @ 532nm (option), for ultra low frequency Raman spectroscopy
- OEM or P&P controller (CE) versions
- possibility of combining several of these options using the compact platforms OXX-LC1 and OXX-LC1 + (check desired configuration)

Chart of available models (wavelength/power) for single frequency DPSS and stabilized diode lasers, from Oxxius

Wavelength (nm)Power (mW)Linewidth (MHz)Coherence Length (m)Fix power versionAdjustable power version
OXX-LBX-633-S40≤ 100 MHz≥ 1 myesAvailable by adding a Motorized Power Attenuator
Wavelength (nm)Power (mW)Linewidth (MHz)Coherence Length (m)Fix power versionAdjustable power version
OXX-LCX-532-S50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 500≤ 1 MHz≥ 100 myesAvailable by adding a Motorized Power Attenuator or controlling the current
OXX-LCX-553-S50, 100, 200
OXX-LCX-561-S50, 100, 150, 200, 300
OXX-LCX-1064-S100, 200, 300, 500
If concerned about variation of wavelength or spectral linewidth, we recommend to use Motorized Power Attenuator option instead of adjustable power version

Other available wavelengths: 405 nm, 946 nm

And here all the DPSS and diode laser models from Oxxius (TEM00, high power, SLM):
- SLM lasers: narrow spectral emission; diode and DPSS (-S)
Ultra-low noise and TEM00 (gaussian) lasers: diode and DPSS
High Power lasers: multimode, elliptic beam, diode (-HPE)

Wavelength (nm)Power (mW)Type
OXX-LBX-37570, 200 (-HPE), 400 (-HPE)Diode
OXX-LBX-40550, 100, 180, 300, 900 (-HPE), 1200 (-HPE)Diode
OXX-LBX-45070, 650 (-HPE), 1200 (-HPE)Diode 
OXX-LBX-473300, 1000 (-HPE)Diode 
OXX-LBX-48840, 50, 60, 100, 150, 200, 1000 (-HPE)Diode 
OXX-LBX-52070, 800 (HPE)Diode 
OXX-LCX-53250, 50 (-S), 100, 100 (-S), 150, 150 (-S), 200, 200 (-S) 300, 300 (-S) 500, 500 (-S)DPSS
OXX-LCX-55350, 100, 100 (-S), 200, 200 (-S)DPSS
OXX-LCX-56150, 50 (-S), 100, 100 (-S) 150, 150 (-S), 200, 200 (-S) 300, 300 (-S)DPSS
OXX-LBX-63340 (-S), 100Diode
OXX-LBX-638100, 150, 180, 1100 (-HPE)Diode
OXX-LPX-64050, 100, 250, 300, 500DPSS
OXX-LBX-7501200 (-HPE)Diode
OXX-LBX-785100, 150 (-S), 250, 350, 800 (-HPE)Diode 
OXX-LBX-830100 (-S), 1000 (-HPE)Diode 
OXX-LBX-940800 (-HPE)Diode 
OXX-LCX-1064100 (-S), 200 (-S), 300 (-S), 500 (-S)DPSS

If you work with lasers, visit our sections:

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- laser safety and protection
- laser beam profile analyzers

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Single frequency Laser (SLM) - Oxxius

Single frequency Laser (SLM) - Oxxius

Diode and DPSS Single Longitudinal lasers (SLM; narrow spectrum - narrow emission - single frequency laser) with longitudinal and transverse monomode emission.

SLM lasers for applications like metrology, Raman spectroscopy, holography, interferometry and alike where the laser emission must be narrow and stable against temperature changes. Both diode lasers and DPSS lasers.

We are exclusive distributors of Oxxius in Portugal and Spain.

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