Continuous and Modulated Laser - Oxxius

Diode-pumped solid state lasers (DPSS) and diode lasers with gaussian profile (TEM00), high beam quality,stability and low noise, with Oxxius

This family of lasers from the manufacturer Oxxius offer the highest beam quality in both the DPSS (diode pumped solid state lasers) and diode laser versions. They offer a Gaussian beam profile (TEM00, transverse single-mode), ultra-low noise, and high power stability. They are ideal for applications in bioscience, light microscopy or industrial environments with high demands.

Features of TEM00 (gaussian) low noise diode and DPSS laser modules, from Oxxius:
- Linewidth ≤ 0.1 nm (DPSS) / ≤ 1.2/1.5 nm (diodo)
- Beam pointing ≤ 5 urad/ºC
- Beam circularity >90%
- Ultra-ow noise ≤ 0.2 % rms
- Power stability± 0.5/1 %
- Analog and digital TTL modulation(diodes); integrated AOM available for DPSS models
- Graphical User Interface with remote diagnosis; USB and RS interfaces

Options available for DPSS and diode laser modules, ultra-low noise, TEM00, from Oxxius:
- power control: by motorized power attenuator (when fully fixed wavelength and best spectral quality is required) or by adjusting current (less demanding applications)
- coupling to multimode, single-mode fiber and maintained polarization or free space output
- Electromechanical shutter: acting by software, TTL or an external control (ask for availability according to laser). Ultra-fast shutter options
- acoustic-optical modulator (AOM) to achieve modulation in DPSS laser models
- integrated optical isolator (compatible with fiber coupling)
- pre-selection and pre-adjustment of wavelength
- Heatsink (DPSS included by default, optional for diodes)
- "cleaning" filter option on diode laser models
- spatial filter option to clean the Gaussian beam
- OEM or P&P controller  versions (CE)
- possibility of combining several of these options using the compact platforms OXX-LC1 and OXX-LC1 + (check desired configuration)

Chart of models available (wavelength/power) for diode and DPSS TEM00 ultra-low noise lasers, from Oxxius:

Wavelength (nm)Power (mW)Wavelength (nm)Power (mW)
OXX-LBX-37570OXX-LCX-561 (DPSS)50, 100, 150, 200, 300
OXX-LBX-40550, 100, 180, 300OXX-LBX-633100
OXX-LBX-445100OXX-LBX-638100, 150, 180
OXX-LBX-45070OXX-LCX-640 (DPSS)300, 500
OXX-LBX-48840, 50, 60, 100, 150, 200OXX-LBX-647140
OXX-LBX-52070OXX-LBX-785100, 250, 350
OXX-LCX-532 (DPSS)50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 500OXX-LBX-980200
OXX-LCX-553 (DPSS)50, 100, 200  

Other wavelengths available: 395 nm, 415 nm, 705 nm, 808 nm, 830 nm, 980 nm, 1064 nm

Typical applications for the diode and DPSS lasers, low noise and single frequency (SLM) models, from Oxxius:

SLM laser (single frequency)Standard laser (ultra-low noise)
- UV-VIS-NIR and Raman spectroscopy- Superresolution imaging
- Metrology- Confocal Microscopy
- Interferometry- Optogenetics, neuroscience
- Holography- Photo-manipulation and stimulation
- Photoluminescence- Flow citometry
- Laser Doppler Velocimetry- ADN sequencing
- Laser Ultrasonics-  Fluorescence excitation
- Brillouin and dynamic light scattering- Biophotonics, bioscience

And here all the DPSS and diode laser models from Oxxius (TEM00, high power, SLM):
SLM lasers: narrow spectral emission; diode and DPSS (-S)
Ultra-low noise and TEM00 (gaussian) lasers: diode and DPSS
High Power lasers: multimode, elliptic beam, diode (-HPE)

Wavelength (nm)Power (mW)Type
OXX-LBX-37570, 200 (-HPE), 400 (-HPE)Diode
OXX-LBX-40550, 100, 180, 300, 900 (-HPE), 1200 (-HPE)Diode
OXX-LBX-45070, 650 (-HPE), 1200 (-HPE)Diode 
OXX-LBX-473300, 1000 (-HPE)Diode 
OXX-LBX-48840, 50, 60, 100, 150, 200, 1000 (-HPE)Diode 
OXX-LBX-52070, 800 (HPE)Diode 
OXX-LCX-53250, 50 (-S), 100, 100 (-S), 150, 150 (-S), 200, 200 (-S) 300, 300 (-S) 500, 500 (-S)DPSS
OXX-LCX-55350, 100, 100 (-S), 200, 200 (-S)DPSS
OXX-LCX-56150, 50 (-S), 100, 100 (-S) 150, 150 (-S), 200, 200 (-S) 300, 300 (-S)DPSS
OXX-LBX-63340 (-S), 100Diode
OXX-LBX-638100, 150, 180, 1100 (-HPE)Diode
OXX-LPX-64050, 100, 250, 300, 500DPSS
OXX-LBX-7501200 (-HPE)Diode
OXX-LBX-785100, 150 (-S), 250, 350, 800 (-HPE)Diode 
OXX-LBX-830100 (-S), 1000 (-HPE)Diode 
OXX-LBX-940800 (-HPE)Diode 
OXX-LCX-1064100 (-S), 200 (-S), 300 (-S), 500 (-S)DPSS

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- laser power and energy measurement
- laser safety and protection

- laser beam profile analyzers

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Continuous and Modulated Laser - Oxxius

Continuous and Modulated Laser - Oxxius

Diode pumped solid state lasers (DPSS)and diode lasers with Gaussian beam profile (TEM00, transverse singlemode), low noise and high stability. Available diode lasers or DPSS lasers with fiber output or free-space. DPSS and diode lasers for biomedical, imaging, light microscopy applications (optimized to overlap with the majority of fluorophores), and also suitable for industrial environments (OEM version lasers).

We are the exclusive distributors of Oxxius in Spain and Portugal.

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