ZOOM lens for machine vision cameras, Fujinon (Fuji, Fujifilm): 5 MPx

ZOOM FUJI lenses (Fujinon, Fujifilm) are compatible with a large number of industrial imaging cameras or artificial vision, as well as multispectral or hyperspectral imaging cameras. Some of the compatible brands are: Sony, The Imaging Source, Silios, NIT, Baumer, Basler, Cognex, Keyence, Dalsa, Teledyne, Flir, Omron, Lucid, Datalogic, IDS, Sick, Jai, Ximea, Hitachi ...

Description60x Zoom lens with 2 megapixel resolution for day/night

- analog control interface
- optical image stabilization
Focal length in mm16.7~1000
Zoom ratio60
Applicable lensfor 1/1.8" ~ 1/4" cameras
Iris rangeF3.5~F16
Operation irisAuto (DC Type) or remote
Operation focusMotor drive
Preset possible
Operation zoomMotor drive
Preset possible
Angle of view1/1.8":
Wide: 23° 04' x 17° 04'
Tele: 0° 25' x 0° 19'

Wide: 20° 51' x 15° 54'
Tele: 0° 22' x 0° 17'
Minimum object distance (M.O.D.) in m5
Focusing range (from front lens) in minfinity ~ 5
Mass in kg~ 6.5
Filter threadM112 x 0.75
RemarksAll of the quality benefits thanks to the same optical and mechanical specifications incorporated in the High-End D60x16.7SR4A series, but without the 2x extender, ND Filters or serial interface for the best price-performance ratio.

...coming soon!
Optical image stabilizationyes:
moving glass elements inside the lens minimize image vibration

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Motorized zoom lens for machine vision cameras, Fujinon (Fuji, Fujifilm).

We are Fujinon distributors in Spain and Portugal

  • 60X motorized Zoom lens
  • Focal 16.7~1000
  • HD resolution
  • Day/Night
  • Analog control
  • optical image stabilization

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