Random Pattern Projector Laser - RPP

Machine / artificial vision laser, structured light laser, random pattern generation laser, line laser...here you will find high quality laser modules, with special options for homogeneity, straightness, line narrowness, depth of field,...

What is RPP?

A Random Pattern Projector laser is a light pattern with a matrix shape of divergent dots of N x M pixels, with approximately 15% of bright pixels versus dark ones. Each bright pixel is surrounded by at least 8 dark pixels and there is no contact between bright pixels. The distribution of bright pixels is pseudo-random and the pattern is symmetric with respect to the center.

This structured light pattern is achieved with diffractive optics and is prepared for the most demanding industrial applications, both 2D and 3D.

If you need to illuminate a larger area, you can concatenate multiple laser projectors while maintaining the same random pattern.

Features of random pattern laser projector - RPP:
-    Industrial design
-    Obtaining information on the texture of the surface
-    Pattern engraved in glass diffractive optics
-    Externally focusable
-    Great stability of aiming and power (electronically adjustable)
-    ESD protection, overvoltage and overheating
-    Up to 57,000 points

Random pattern laser projector applications:
-    Artificial vision and 3D stereo image
-    Biometrics and biomedical imaging
-    Motion detection and gesture recognition
-    Measurement of volumes
-    Photogrammetry
-    Palletized
-    Depth sensing
-    Recognition and classification of disordered objects (bin picking)
-    Measurement and detection of structures, geometries, contours, holes, notches, stripes, etc ...
-    Digital Image Correlation - DIC

Eye safe

Now, in addition to the standard class 3B models, we offer safe models to the eye (eye safe) with laser Class 1. In the standard dot matrixes RPP, the central point (corresponding to the diffraction zero order) accumulates excessive power, as can be appreciate at a glance. This makes the laser class high and there is a risk of damage to the eye. Through a technology patented by Osela, it has been possible to reduce the power in the central point without reducing the power in the rest of the matrix. In this way, we maintain both the brightness in the matrix and eye safety. If in a standard RPP the power the central point is ˂ 5%, in the safe model the eye is ˂ 0.5%.



Central Dot



>5 mW @ 660 nm
>3.64 mW @ 830 nm

Eye Safe (-ES)


<0.39 mW @ 660nm
<0.71 mW @ 830nm

Available RPP matrices

Diffractive OpticWavelengthNr DotsFOV
Standard (3R)Eye Safe (1)nm º
RPP008 66098012x12
RPP009 660562510x10
RPP010 83098030x30
RPP011 66098020x20
RPP013 830562525x25

these matrices can be built in the laser modules CompactLine (OSE-CL) (10mm) y StreamLine (OSE-SL) (19mm), with all options and in optical configurations A, B, C andy D (see datasheet).

Available products

Art.λ (nm)Laser classHousing (module)Warranty (months)
OSE-SL-450-S-A-RPPyyy (1)4503RStreamLine12
OSE-SL-520-S-A-RPPyyy (1)5203RStreamLine12
OSE-CL-520-T-A-RPPyyy (1)5203RCompactLine12
OSE-SL-450-S-A-RPPyyyES (1)4501 (Eye safe)StreamLine12
OSE-SL-520-S-A-RPPyyyES (1)5201 (Eye safe)StreamLine12
OSE-SL-660-S-A-RPPyyyES6601 (Eye safe)StreamLine24
OSE-SL-830-S-A-RPPyyyES8301 (Eye safe)StreamLine24
OSE-CL-520-T-A-RPPyyyES (1)5201 (Eye safe)CompactLine12
OSE-CL-660-T-A-RPPyyyES6601 (Eye safe)CompactLine24
OSE-CL-830-T-A-RPPyyyES8301 (Eye safe)CompactLine24

1: NRS might be applicable
Focusing optics: A and B standard; C and D with extra cost (check datasheet for performance)
Modulation type for StreamLine: S is default; RS, T, RT with extra cost
Modulation type for CompactLine: T is default; RT with extra cost

You probably need laser protection goggles when using these lasers. Check our table of available models (different filter and frame) or contact us directly


If you need to check or measure in detail the power emitted by these lasers, you can consult the appropriate laser power sensors and meters in this link or contact us directly.

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Random Pattern Projector Laser - RPP

Random Pattern Projector Laser - RPP

Random Pattern Projector Laser: structured light for machine vision, photogrametry, etc...Based on diffractive optics (DOE), this machine vision laser projects a matrix of random points (fixed).

We are the distributors of Osela in Portugal and Spain

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