Pulsed Machine Vision Laser - SLP

Osela's StreamLine Pulsed laser for machine vision, structured light laser, laser generation of lines and patterns ... here you will find high quality laser modules, with special options of homogeneity, straightness, line narrowness or depth of field in the most standard format the industry, 19 mm in diameter, and very high power for such small module

This so-called "pulsed" model OSE-SLP is actually a version of the StreamLine standard model equipped with a microcontroller.
This allows reaching high powers (only usually available in ILS type models) but in a reduced size format. In return, the duty cycle and "on-time" are limited (ckeck for each different configuration)

Key features and options of the StreamLine Pulsed Laser family for artificial vision:
- Up to 3W in small module: ø19 mm, length 90 mm
- External focus without opening the module (no misalignment or dirt or humidity)
- COS cosine correction (fall-off compensation for better line uniformity over the sensor (less power in the center of the line)
- Straightness of line: up to 0.03%
- Uniformity along the line: up to 10%
- Digital modulation: up to 10KHz (standard), or reverse TTL optional
- 4 optical configurations to adapt to the need (line width, depth of field)
- Robust, stable industrial design; protected against ESD, overheating, overvoltage

Remember that Osela hand polishes the line generating Powell lenses at their factory (unlike the rest of the competitors). Therefore the optical control and quality is the highest one. This, together with the large variety of options make the Osela lasers the best fit for demanding applications.

- Line laser
- 2D / 3D laser measurement
- Machine / artificial vision
- Inspection, detection and measurement of structures, roads, geometries, edges, holes, dents, etc.

Basic models of the StreamLine Pulsed laser family OSE-SLP

Art.Diode Power (output: ~80%)NotesOther line optics
OSE-SLP-450-500-T-A500 mWmax ducty cycle 40%, voltage callC (D, H: call)
OSE-SLP-450-1000-T-A1000 mWmax ducty cycle 20%, voltage callC (D, H: call)
OSE-SLP-450-1500-T-A1500 mWmax ducty cycle and voltage callcall
OSE-SLP-450-3000-T-A3000 mWmax ducty cycle and voltage callcall
OSE-SLP-520-500-T-A500 mWmax ducty cycle and voltage callcall
OSE-SLP-520-1000-T-A1000 mWmax ducty cycle 15%, voltage callcall
OSE-SLP-642-500-T-A500 mWmax ducty cycle 30%, 5VC, D, H
OSE-SLP-642-1000-T-A1000 mWmax ducty cycle 15%, 5VC, D, H
OSE-SLP-810-500-T-A500 mWmax ducty cycle 40%, 5VC, D, H
OSE-SLP-810-1000-T-A1000 mWmax ducty cycle 20%, 5VC, D, H
OSE-SLP-810-1500-T-A1500 mWmax ducty cycle call, 5Vcall
OSE-SLP-810-3000-T-A3000 mWmax ducty cycle call, 5Vcall


Modulation Options
Reverse TTL-RT0-0.7: no power; 3-5V: 100%SL, CL, ILS, SLP, FL
Focusing options
 C SL, SLP (ILS, FL ask)
 D SL, CL, SLP (ILS, FL ask)
 H SL, CL, SLP (ILS ask)
 Q SL, CL, SLP (ILS ask)
Line generator options
Custom fan angle 300€ NRESL, CL, ILS, SLP, FL
20% uniformity-U20 SL, CL (ask ILS, SLP)
15% uniformity-U15 SL, CL (ask ILS, SLP)
10% uniformity-U10 SL, CL (ask ILS, SLP)
Uniformity printout Uniformity profile measurementSL, CL, ILS, SLP, FL
0.05% straightness-S05 SL, ILS, SLP, FL (CL ask)
0.03% straightness-S03 SL, ILS, SLP, FL
Cosine correction-COSspecify the % center-to-extremesSL, CL, ILS, SLP, FL
Factory PreFocus-PFxxxFocus at custom distanceSL, CL, ILS, SLP, FL
Factory FixFocus-FFxxxFocus fixed and gluedSL, CL, ILS, SLP, FL
Electronic and connecting options
Separate driver-SD SL, CL, SLP
Custom power cable length-KCLSpecify length (max 3m; standard 45cm)SL, CL, ILS, SLP, FL
Switchcrat connector-SWC3 pin female locking connector (PN: TA3FLX)SL, CL, SLP
M12 connector-M124 pins maleSL, CL, ILS, SLP
DC-DC box-DCXXExternal DC converter boxSLP, CLP
Specialized optics options
Telecentric 10 mm-10mmTLP prefix; select fixed focusSL call (ILS, SLP ask)
Telecentric 60 mm-60mmTLP prefix; select fixed focusSL call (ILS, SLP ask)
Telecentric 100 mm-100mmTLP prefix; select fixed focusSL call (ILS, SLP ask)
Field corrector-FCTBDSL, ILS, SLP
Micron focusMSpecify FA and WD 25, 50, 75 or 90 mmSL, ILS, SLP
Mechanical options
Z laser threaded equivalent M18-M18Only valid with TTL or RTLLSL (SLP ask)
Dust proof IP65-IP65Incl. factory fixed focus; specify focus distanceSL, ILS, SLP

Check the different line and machine vision laser modules:
- StreamLine-SL: the most standard line laser for machine vision 2D and 3D, ø19 mm
- CompactLine-CL: mini laser ø10 mm and legth 50 mm
- StreamLine Pulsed-SLP: high power in small StreamLine module (reduced duty cycle)
- Industrial Laser System-ILS: high power machine vision lasers
- FireLine-FL: very high power machine vision lasers

You will probably need laser protection goggles when using these lasers. Check our table of available models (different filter and frame) or contact us directly.


We also offer enclosures and other laser protection and safety measures suitable for these lasers.

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Pulsed Machine Vision Laser - SLP

Pulsed Machine Vision Laser - SLP

StreamLine Pulsed family (OSE-SLP) of structured light lasers with the highest optical and electronic quality: high power in small module version
Machine / artificial vision laser (linea and pattern lasers) with different optics and options to comply with your application and needs.

We are the distributors of Osela in Portugal and Spain

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