Laser face shield

Laser safety and protection face shield (mark)

This large surface mask is ideal to protect not only the eyes but also the face and not only from laser radiation but also from dust, sparks or particles.

It is also prefect for prescription eye-glasses users when they have to wear laser safety fit-over goggles.

We offer two models of laser safety and protection face shield - mask.

1) Face shield (mask) for 1 micron laser (diode, YAG, fiber, disk): PRO-Face-0176

VLT and color: (Visible Light Transmission) ~60%, green

EN 207 protection levels:
750-785             DIR LB2
>785-805           DIR LB3
>805-825           DIR LB4
>830-860           DIR LB5
>860-1070         DIR LB6
>1070-1075       DIR LB5
>1075-1085       DIR LB4
>1085-1095       DIR LB3

2) Face shield (mask) for UV and excimer lasers: PRO-Visor-0370

VLT and color: (Visible Light Transmission) ~90%, claro

EN 207 protection levels::
180-280             D LB10+ I LB6 +R LB4 + M LB6Y (OD10+)
>280-283           D LB8+ IR LB4 + M LB6Y (OD8+)
>283-288           D LB5 + IR LB4 (OD5+)
>288-315           DIRM LB4 (OD4+)
>315-355           DIRM LB3 (OD3+)
>355-370           DIRM LB2 (OD2+)
>370-380           DIRM LB1 (OD1+)

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Laser face shield

Laser face shield

Laser safety and protection face shield (mask).

We are the distributors of Protect Laserschutz in Portugal and Spain

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