Laser safety film

Laser safety and protection transparent film

This laser safety film adheres easily to any polished surface like the windonws on buildings or vehicles.
This allows making laser safe and EN12254 certified a standard window

Typical applications of the laser safety film:
- acconditioning of existing installations to new laser applications
- police and army: vehicle protection against laser pointers or other laser types
- installation in laser enclosures or cowlings with special curved windows

Specifications and features of the 2 models of transparent laser protection film:




VLT, color




0.5 mm

1 m

40%, clear grey

266 R AB2

355 R AB3

1064 DIR AB3

10600 DI AB2


30%, orange

266 R AB2

355 R AB3

488-514.5 D AB3

532 DI AB3

Length: avialable in meter-sized lengths up to 10


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Laser safety film

Laser safety film

Laser safety and protection transparent film to stick on windows

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