Visible laser eyewear (400-700nm)

Laser safety and protection eyewear (goggles, glasses) for visible lasers 400 - 700 nm

In the tab "Download" you will find documentation including:

- Protection level (EN and OD)

- Visible Light Transmission % (VLT, "how well the user can see")

- Filter color

- Frame, and frame description at the bottom of the document

The products are divided in glass or special plastics filters. Plastic filters are more inexpensive but glass filters are more resistant, for instance against scratches (we recommend glass eyewear is to be used by different persons). Glass filters can reach higher protection levels and also higher VLT

Download the document with the chart of all filters and frames and contact us if you have any doubt or question.

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Visible laser eyewear (400-700nm)

Visible laser eyewear (400-700nm)

Laser safety and protection eyewear (goggles, glasses), CE marked and certified EN207/EN208, for visible lasers (400-700nm). Models in plastic or glass filter and various frames, including wearable over prescription glasses.

We are the distributors in Portugal and Spain of the German manufacturer Protect Laserschutz.

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