Raman Accessories

Raman System Accessories

Features of Fiber Optic Raman Probe and Probe Holder

 Connects to 785nm Laser accessory via FC/APC fiber optic connector and spectrometer via SMA 905

 Rigid probe length is 100mm with integrated Raman filters for 200 cm-1 and f/2 collection optics

 Excitation fiber is 100um diameter and read fiber to spectrometer is 600um core diameter

 Probe diameter is 4mm with 2 meter fiber length and has laser blocking switch for simple reference

 Integrated filters for laser line (with O.D. > 6) and notch filter to remove quartz spectral contributions

 Working distance to sample is 4.5mm with field depth of +/- 1mm for penetration of sample container (additional lens options available)

 Required probe holder for solids like pills or vials (½ inch diameter with lids) for liquids and powders


Accessories available for Raman Systems are:

Raman-Probe-TIP: attachements tips can be purchased for additional working distance options. Just screw on to replace

Raman-Probe-TIP-Tele: Telescoping Raman probe tip lens assembly attachment for 3cm working distance. Designed to by mounted on to standard Raman probe with 5mm working distance

RPH4: Raman Probe Holder block supports 1/2″ vials.

RPH5: Vertical Raman Probe Holder Block for powder and solids. Samples are placed onto a slide and inserted into the measurement chamber of the block. Includes a laser safety interlock which only allows the laser to fire when the probe is securely seated into the holder.

532 Attenuator: Attenuation accessory for 532 Raman systems. Other custom wavelengths available upon request.

Raman-Probe-HT: HighTemperature Raman probe to 200 deg C

Raman-Probe-Immersion: Immersion Raman Probes for 785nm source. Stainless-steel, cylindrical probe head with removable immersion sleeve, overall dimensions 5/8″ (15.8mm) diameter x 8″ (230 mm) length

Raman-Probe-Process: Raman Process Probe for 785nm source. Stainless-steel pressure sleeve specified to 3000 psi and up to 500ºC. Sapphire window and gold seal are resistant to many corrosive chemical environments.

StellarSCOPE Microscope Accessory

 Couple Spectrometers & Light Sources to high performance Microscopes

 Perform Raman on a micro spot and capture high resolution images, video, and time lapse video

 System equipped with an Olympus research microscope with 4, 10, & 40x objectives, CMOS 1.3 Mpixel Camera, optical switch, and required SMA couplers & attachment accessories for your specific application

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Raman Accessories

Raman Accessories

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