Haze Measurement System

 StellarHaze System

Preconfigured system for total transmission and haze measurements

What is Haze? The appearance of transparent materials can be tuned for their applications and can be quantified by their light scattering optical properties. The cloudiness or “haze” can be defined by the percentage of light transmission which deviates greater than 2.5 degrees.

StellarHaze System can be useful for quality control and research for a variety of applications and sample types.  Here are a few:

- Filters and plastic sheets
- Thin Films and bags
- Liquids via cuvette
- Diffusing plastics for lighting
- Automotive glass and windows
- Beverages

Haze Measurement Software – The haze meter comes complete with StellarHaze software for MS Excel that calculates transmission and haze at once while also displaying spectral curves over the 300-850nm spectral region.

Modular and Compact
The modular system can be quickly assembled for measurement or broken down and stored in a rugged instrument case. Additional accessories can be purchased for reflectance or other spectroscopy applications.

The system is delivered with Haze verification standards for easy start up. Traceable standards (STN-Haze-Stds) can be purchased separately.
Set of 3 Haze Standards. Choose between 1%, 5%,10%, 20, 30%. Includes ISO17025 certificates.

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Haze Measurement System

Haze Measurement System

The StellarHaze System is a preconfigured and complete optical metrology system for total transmission and haze measurements. It includes a compact fiber optic spectrometer, light source and collimation lens, custom haze measurement sphere with diffuse transmission port and optional sample attachment clips. Easy to align and easy to measure the Haze values. Manufactured by Stellarnet.

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