LED Measurement System

LED Measurement Systems

Preconfigured spectroradiometer system for LED measurements

More and more incandescent lights are being replaced by LEDs each day. LEDs have the advantages of increased efficiency, color specificity, size, response time, lifetime, and numerous other factors.

LED preconfigured systems from Stellarnet include a miniature spectrometer, a fiber optic cable (or direct attachment), a light collecting accessory, and an irradiance calibration.

Spectrometers for LED Measurement

These miniature rugged spectrometers are calibrated to test LED optical output in Luminous and Radiant Flux, spectral irradiance and LUX, microwatts/cm2, moles per second, PAR, Footcandles, CRI & CQS.

Currently, StellarNet offers LED measurement systems in the 200-2300nm range.  A majority of StellarNet’s spectrometers can be configured for LED measurement including the BLUE-Wave, High Resolution, High Sensitivity SILVER-Nova, and DWARF-Star NIR spectrometer models. The spectrometers can additionally be calibrated with our NIST traceable lamps for absolute intensity to be used to capture LED intensity profiles and shape (NIST Traceable Irradiance Calibration service). Also, calibration lamps available for customer’s calibration using free SpectraWiz software.

Typically an integrating sphere such as the IC2 2″, IS6 6″ or IS12 12″ integrating sphere is used with a radiant flux calibration (RAD-CAL).

These are the most tipical LED measurement options:

For example, you can combine the following items to setup on of the typical irrandiance calibrated LED measurement system:

-BW-VIS: 25 um spectrometer

-F600-VISNIR: fiber optic cable

-IS6: 6" integrating sphere

-IS6-TP: sphere tripod

-IS-lamp: re/calibration source

-RAD-CAL: calibration in Watts/nm

- Rad-Cal-Doc: calibration certificate

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LED Measurement System

LED Measurement System

StellarNet’s line of low cost miniature spectroradiometers are the perfect tool to analyze LEDs for both irradiant output, color, spectral profiling, and a handful of other useful values. NIST trazable calibrated and easy measurements.

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