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Alluxa high performance optical filters

With Alluxa, you will find high performance optical filters for your application. Click on the corresponding link to find the most suitable optical filter:

Bandpass optical filters (Alluxa)
Ultra-narrow bandpass optical filters (Alluxa)
Sets of fluorescence filters (Alluxa)
Notch Filters (Alluxa)
Dichroic Filters (Alluxa)

Why Alluxa?

Alluxa is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, ITAR registered manufacturer of high-performance optical filters and thin-film coatings. Since 2007, Alluxa has rapidly grown from a small startup to a world leader in precision thin films. Alluxa's engineering team has been instrumental in achieving this growth by refining our advanced SIRRUS™ Plasma Deposition process, designing and building our coating equipment, and dedicating a large amount of resources to research and development. Meanwhile, Alluxa leadership team has been reinvesting in the business and creating a progressive company culture that benefits both our customers and our people.

ULTRA Series

Alluxa ULTRA Series optical filters and thin-film coatings are designed with your application and system requirements in mind. They are all rigorously tested to ensure the highest possible performance and quality for each filter type, and all are designed and specified to exceed the performance of any comparable optical filters on the market.

ULTRA Narrow

Alluxa is the world leader in ultra-narrowband filters. Their ultra-narrow bandpass filters remain unchallenged in terms of achieving greater than 90% transmission along with sub-nanometer bandwidths, wide-range out-of-band blocking, and steep edges.

Custom Coatings 

Alluxa’s engineering team will work with you to design custom optical filters and thin-film coatings for your OEM system. Even if your requirements are inherently challenging, we will push the boundaries of our current design techniques and coating processes in order to meet the demands of your system. If we are unable to meet your requirements on the first coating run, we will perform additional coating runs at no extra cost until we have achieved our best possible effort to meet the specifications.

Technical Support

Alluxa has chosen Iberoptics to distribute their high performance filters in Spain and Portugal.

Design Expertise

Producing an optical filter or thin-film coating that optimizes the performance of your system is the top priority of their design engineers. Theirdesigners meticulously ensure that all requirements are met over the specified AOI range and cone angle of the beam, while taking into account manufacturing tolerance and operating temperature. They are well versed in a large variety of coating materials and design techniques, including several innovative techniques that were pioneered by our team. The designer will choose the most appropriate materials and design techniques for each optical filter in order to achieve optimal performance.

Precision Coating Process

Alluxa SIRRUS Plasma Deposition process allows them to achieve precision wavelength control and uniform coatings, even for large format parts. Mechanical and electrical engineers have designed and built all of the coating equipment, and their physicists and software engineers have created a sophisticated thin-film coating process that is capable of making automated adjustments to layer thicknesses and uniformity in real time.

Alluxa innovative process also allows to produce thin-film coatings in a fraction of the time compared to standard coating methods, which translates to lower cost for our customers.

Advanced Metrology

Once coated, the performance of Alluxa optical filters is tested using state-of-the-art instruments. Optical filter transmission and blocking in the UV, VIS, and NIR are measured using one of the most advanced spectrophotometers on the market, and Alluxa IR filters are measured using an FTIR spectrometer.

Their highest performance filters are evaluated using the innovative HELIX Spectral Analysis System that was developed by Alluxa engineering team. The HELIX system is capable of tracing filter edges to OD7, measuring blocking beyond OD8, and resolving exceptionally steep edges.

In addition, surface figure and flatness specifications are tested using a Zygo interferometer and mechanical dimensions are measured to the nearest micron using a Keyence micrometer.

Reliability & Repeatability

Because all of the coating chambers are running the SIRRUS Plasma Deposition process, Alluxa is able to reliably and repeatedly produce the same high-performance optical filters over multiple coating runs and in multiple chambers, which translates to consistent performance across all of your systems.

Research and Development

In addition to the multitude of ongoing R&D projects spearheaded by our engineers, Alluxa always eagers to create new technologies that both fulfill unique customer needs and expand their current abilities. Some recent customer driven R&D projects have allowed Alluxa to expand their coating capabilities into the mid-wave and far IR, and others have allowed us to achieve high transmission in the UV, highly uniform coatings for large format parts, and novel coating processes with a variety of materials and substrates.

Company Expansion

With our most recent company expansion, customers will see a dramatic increase in our production capacity and a decrease in lead times. As part of the plan, the number of deposition chambers in Alluxa 40,000 ft2 facility will increase from 12 to 24 and we will have the ability to fabricate substrates in-house.

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Alluxa Optical Filters

Alluxa Optical Filters

High performance optical filters. Bandpass, multi-bandpass, fluorescence filter sets, longpass dichroics, ultranarrow bandpass filters, Notch filters. Manufactured by Alluxa.

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