Laser sensor head - meter for power and energy of single pulses, for high energy density pulsed lasers: 10 mW - 10 W
- energy: 10 mJ - 15 J
- cooling: water
- wavelength range: 200 nm - 2.1 um
- calibration: 1064nm; 532 nm (one included in price)
- 3 years warranty

This laser sensor can be chosen in 3 connection options (only one per sensor):
to an external laser power and/or energy meter (independent measuring console, but with PC connectivity via USB)
- direct to PC or controller via USB
- direct to PC or controller via RS-232
Ask also for OEM sensors for integration in your system or machine with lasers.

Full specifications LPT-A-10-D12-DIF (-U / -RS)

Power Mode
Max. Average Power10 W
Max. Intermittent Power (1)15 W
Min. Power10 mW
Power Resolution100 uW
Noise Equivalent Power (NEP)600 uW
Response Time (0-90%)1 sec
Power Calibration Uncertainty+/- 3%
Power Linearity (2)+/- 1%
Single Shot Energy Mode
Max. Energy (with 100 ms pulse)15 J
Min. Energy10 mJ
Energy Resolution0.1 mJ
Energy Calibration Uncertainty+/- 5%
Absorber Specs
Aperture12 mm
Absorber Spectral Range0.2 - 2.1 um
Calibration Spectral Range1064nm; 532 nm
Max Power Density (3)160 kW/cm
Max Energy Density (3)5ms pulse width: 1200 J/cm
10s pulse width: 22 J/cm
10ns pulse width: 6.5 J/cm
General Characteristics
Weight0.6 kg
Dimension75 x 75 x 52 mm
Cable lenght - connector

1.5 m - DB15 option
2.5 m - USB option
1.5 m - RS232 option

Stand and PostLight Duty Stand Included
(1). 2 minutes max
(2). Detector centrally irradiated @50% of useful surface.
(3). Damage thresholds also depend on power level. Please see damage graphs for more details.

Meet here all our laser power and energy sensors, splitted into their two main groups:
- standard laser power and energy sensors-meters
BLINK: high speed laser sensors, for ultrafast lasers (picoseconds, femtoseconds).

If you use lasers you might also need:
- laser safety eyewear
- other laser protection products

- laser beam profile analyzers

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Laser power & energy sensor heads and meters.
Power: 10 mW - 10 W.
Energy: 10 mJ - 15 J.
Iberoptics is the distributor of Laserpoint in Portugal and Spain.

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