Laser safety enclosures (small)

Small laser safety and protection enclosures or housings made of special materials certified against laser radiation according to norm EN12254.

Built and manufactured fully customomized, these small laser enclosures, delivered in parts, are easy to mount with the plans delivered along (easier than an Ikea cabinet).

Typical options and accessories of the laser safety enclosures are:
- laser protection windows; even one full side of the housing, depending on laser and geometry
- interlock
- doors
- with or without floor and roof

Main features of the material of the Prometheus laser protection panels used in these cabinets:
- "sandwich" like, with extrnal Aluminium cover to prevent from bounces
- gthickness: 4 mm; weight: ~5,6Kg/m2
- mounted in Aluminum profiles40x40mm
- standard color: Aluminium

The Prometheus panel has teh following protection levels according to standard EN12254:
   180 - 315 nm             D AB9 + IR AB4 + M AB6Y
> 315 - 1050 nm            D AB7 + I AB8 + R AB7 + M AB9
>1050 - 1400 nm           D AB7 + I AB8 + R AB6 + M AB9
>1400 - 11000 nm          DIR AB4 + M AB4Y

The Prometheus panels are also available in sheets to measure without any design or profile.
It can be used to reinforce areas of high laser irradiation or to integrate in customer owned housings and enclosures

Typical applications of the laser safety and protection panles, enclosures and housings:
- small laser machines in production and quality line (laser marking, laser coding, laser traceability,...)
- safety housing for laser experiments in laboratories and optical tables
- as reinforcement for areas and subsystems in larger cabins, housing the laser area or the areas of high laser power
- showcases for shows, congresses

Other laser safety and protection products that can be of your interest:
- general laser safety and protection eyewear
- laser safety and protection windows
- laser safety and protection curtains and screens
- laser safety and protection cabins and enclosures
- laser safety and protection cloths
- laser power and energy sensors and meters

If you work with lasers you might also be interested in:
- laser power and enery sensors / meters
- laser beam profile analyzers

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Laser safety enclosures (small)

Laser safety enclosures (small)

Small customized laser safety and protection enclosures and housings, ideal for inline laser systems (laser marking, laser coding,...).

Built with certified laser protection materials, against the standard EN12254 and with options and accessories like windows, doors, interlock,...

We are the distributors in Portugal and Spain of the German manufacturer Protect Laserschutz

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