Pulsed Laser Q-smart

Q-smart: Nd:YAG pulsed laser 450-850 mJ, 10-20 Hz in compact format, from the laser specialist Quantel (Lumibrid Group)

Key features
- repatition rate: 10-20 Hz
- pulse energy: 450-850 mJ
- pulse duration:  ns
- Q-smart: Nd:YAG pulsed laser 450-850 mJ, 10-20 Hz
- resonator: GRM
- cooling: water
- pumping: flash lamp, over 100 million shots
- sealed and nitrogene purged
- wavelength flexible with plug & play harmonic modules and automatic phase adjustment
- SLM option

The Q smart family includes the most flexible pulsed Nd:YAG laser systems in the world.  Complete with automatic harmonic generator phase matching, these innovative systems insure simple operation and guarantees optimal energy performance. Monolithic block construction and compact design features provides superior beam geometry in a compact package.

Built on the Brilliant’s modularity and superior beam geometry, the Q-smart laser offers additional user-friendly features:
   - Intuitive Q-touch pad screen interface
   - Innovative, hands-off harmonic generator phase matching
   - Light, compact, and disconnectable
   - 100 million shot flashlamp lifetime
   - 2-year warranty

You can concentrate on the science of your experiment, or on the results of your application. No need to adjust, align and no need to be a laser expert.  Add a new module, four screws, a click on the Q-Touch, and the beam has a different color!

The Q-Smart laser can be vertically integrated in industrial environments.  Ethernet control, easy flashlamp change, small footprint, and minimal volume make it the perfect candidate for system integration.

Typical applications of the Quantel compact pulsed lasers Q-smart:
- Ablation
- Flsh photolisis
- Holography
- laser cleaning
- Spectroscopy
- Photo-acoustics imaging
- OPO pumping

Key specifications chart
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Resonator GRM
Repetition rate (Hz) 102010
Energy (mJ)1064 nm450400850
 532 nm220200430
 355 nm130120230
 266 nm6050100
 213 nm10820
Pulse duration (ns) 6
Beam divergence (mrad) < 0.5
Dimensions in mmLaser head147 x 526 x 125
(H x L x W)Harmonic modules99 x 123 x 125
 Power supply513 x 507 x 283
Weight in kgLaser head< 7
Power supply27

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Pulsed Laser Q-smart

Pulsed Laser Q-smart

Q-smart: Nd:YAG pulsed laser 450-850 mJ, 10-20 Hz
1064, 532, 355, 266, 213 nm
Flexible in wavelength with plug-and-play modules for harmonic generation
We are the distributors of Quantel Lumibrid in Portugal and Spain

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