Laser safety curtains

isoProtect family of laser safety and protection curtains

These laser blocking curtains are ideal to separate and delimit laser working areas within larger rooms like medical and hospital theaters or university and private laboratories and workshops in a non-permanent way

They are made of a fireproof material and are certified against the European standard EN 12254, that rules the "screens for laser working places"


Laser block curtains

These laser safety curtains can be delivered with eyelets of ~20mm diameter, separated ~180mm from eath other and at ~40mm from the center to the edge of the laser protection curtain. Hooks aren't delivered.

We can offer rails and accessories to fix the laser blocking curtain to the ceiling.

We can also offer frames with wheels to easily put the curtain in position and remove it. They are specially useful when the laser blocking protection doesn't need to reach the floor or be too high (standard: ~2m) like medical, esthetics or dental offices

Protection EN 12254





   180-315       D AB8 + IR AB3 + M AB5Y
> 315-1050     D AB7
> 1050-1400   D AB6
> 315-532       IR AB6 + M AB8Y
> 532-1400     IR AB7 + M AB8Y
> 1400-11000 D AB3 + I AB4 + M AB3Y

2,0 mm

2 Kg/m2

Special multilayer material
Silicone free
Both sides protective
Standard color: white


   180-315         D AB7 + R AB3 + M AB5Y
> 315-1050       D AB5
> 1050-1400     D AB4
> 315-1400       I AB7 + R AB6 + M AB8
> 1400-11000   DIR AB2 + M AB2Y

0,8 mm

1 Kg/m2

Both sides protective
Standard color: black


    180-315         D AB5 + R AB2
   315-850         D AB2 (OD 4+)
> 850 -1400     D AB3                      
> 1400-11000   D AB1                      

0,85 mm

0,3 Kg/m2

Plastic-textil-composite (1 layer)
Silicone free
Both side protective
Standard color: black


    180-315       D AB7 + IR AB3
> 315-1050     D AB7
> 315-1400     I AB7 + R AB6
> 1050-1400   D AB6
> 1400-11000 D AB3

3 mm

3,7 Kg/m2

Special silicone
Soft lamellas 30 x 200 cm
Color: red-brown
Ideal for accesses
Easy to cut

If these flexible laser blocking curtains don't fit your needs we can offer laser safety and protection (movable) screens.

If you need a customized laser protection structure (cabin, enclosure, housing) with certified EN 12254 materials, or complete EN60825, we can offer taylor-made laser safety cabins, enclosures or housings.

You can also purchase the EN12254 certified Prometheus panels, cut to measure to build your own housing or protect areas of high laser irradiation in it.

Other laser safety products and laser accessories:
- laser safety eyewear
- laser safety windows
- laser protection curtains
- laser blocking screens
- laser safety cabins
- laser safety enclosures (small)
- laser protection cloths
- laser power and energy sensors and meters

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Laser safety curtains

Laser safety curtains

Certified laser safety and protection curtains, blocking all UV-VIS-NIR wavelengths of class 4 and class 3B laser. With EN12254 certification, they are ideal in laboratories, medical theatres or odontology and esthetics offices

We are the distributors in Portugal and Spain of the German manufacturer Protect Laserschutz

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