Tungsten-Halogen Light Source

VIS-NIR Tungsten Halogen Light Source: STN-SL1 (Stellarnet)

VIS-NIR Light Source used in very popular systems such as VIS-NIR Absorbance system, Optical Metrology or Calibration Sources.

Key Features:

- Extensive Life: The SL1 has a 10,000 hour Tungsten Halogen lamp filled with Krypton gas

- High Output Power: 200 W/m^2 and 2800K color temperature for many types of spectroscopy applications

- Great Compatibility/Versatility: manipulate output with color-enhancing or signal-attenuating filters.

- Miniature Size: Its small size of only 1.5” x 3” x 3.5” makes it a perfect match for our compact spectrometers. A small footprint makes this a great lamp for bench top applications.

- Portability: The small enclosure and low power consumption provides the ultimate VIS-NIR light source for portability. 12VDC power requirements easily allow you to run off our battery pack accessories for hours of field work.

Options and Upgrades:


10,000 hour Tungsten and Halogen lamp, 2800 Kelvin color temp, 350-2500nm, requires STN-UP12V adapter


STN-SL1 with additional 0.5” diameter filter holder nose cone. External filter accessory demountable. A variety of filters for spectral attenuation, band pass, and more can be used. Includes CEF filter to improve blue sensitivity. Requires STN-UP12V adapter


STN-SL1 with additional 1cm cuvette holder with integrated collimating lens. Dual purpose allows the collimating lens to be demounted for far field emission monitoring Requires UP12V adapter


STN-SL1 version configured specifically for Irradiance calibrations (300-1100nm/300-1700nm). A USB drive is supplied with intensity data used to calibrate a SpectroRadiometer. Requires STN-UP12V adapter


Replacement bulb for STN-SL1 Tungsten light source


Optional +5VDC interface for BP1 battery operates 2 hours with spectrometer. Users can achieve complete portability with the BP1 battery pack for the spectrometer and the STN-SL1-BAT.


Lens for Installing in filter nose base for 7-10x gain. Available for STN-SL1-Filter


~0.5 inch diameter 50% T neutral density filter


0.5 inch diameter sanded fused silica attenuation filter ~7%T


12V power supply. Required for STN-SL1, STN-SL1-Filter, STN-SL1-CUV, STN-SL1-CAL.

Technical Specifications of SL1 VIS-NIR Light Source:


0.62 lbs (280g)Output to bulb:5VDC
Power consumption:12 wattsOutput regulation:0.2%
Spectral Range:350 – 2500nmExternal filter accessory:Demountable
Time to stabilize:1 minExternal filter holder:0.5″ diameter filters SL1-Filter only
Power output:200 Watts /m2Bulb Life:+10,000hrs
Bulb Color Temp:2800KConnector:SMA 905

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Tungsten-Halogen Light Source

Tungsten-Halogen Light Source

The STN-SL1 Tungsten Halogen Lamp has a wide spectral range for 350-2500nm (VIS-NIR). 2800 Kelvin color temp, requires UP12V adapter. Effective for spectroscopy applications: color, reflectance, transmittance, and absorbance measurements. Manufactured by Stellarnet.

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