Integrating Spheres

Stellarnet Integrating Spheres: STN-IC2/IS6/IS12

StellarNet designs and manufactures a variety of low cost integrating spheres and accessories for photometric and radiometric applications. These spheres are available in a variety of sizes and are extremely robust yet are surprisingly lightweight, compact, and easy to operate.

StellarNet integrating spheres, when coupled with a StellarNet spectrometers, provide NIST traceable characterization of all types of light including discrete LEDs, LED arrays, and standard bulbs of various sizes and output intensities.

Measurements include absolute intensity in Watts/m2, Lumens/m2, Radiant/Luminous Flux, Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), xy chromaticity, Color Rendering Index (CRI), dominant wavelength, and more across the 200-1700nm wavelength range.

Available models:






204 g

680 g

2268 g

Spehre diameter

5.08 cm

15.24 cm

30.48 cm

Input port

1.59 cm

5.08 cm

opens, no port

Wavelength range

200-1700 nm

200-1700 nm

300-1100 nm

Field of view




STN-IC2 2″ Integrating Sphere: STN-IC2 is a 2” cube with internal integrating sphere. It has 5/8” input port and SMA fiber optic output. Another SMA input can be used for reflectance illumination. Select the STN-CR2-TP miniature tripod for mounting the IC2 for alignment and repeatable measurement.

STN-IS6 6″ Integrating Sphere: STN-IS6 is a 6” diameter integrating sphere with a 2.0” input port, internal reflective coating, baffle system, and SMA fiber optic output. The STN-IS6 is a general purpose integrating sphere enabling high sensitivity measurements of optical signals. An Integrating Sphere evenly spreads the incoming light by multiple reflections over the entire sphere surface. This makes it the ideal instrument for many applications such as laser power, flux, reflectance and radiance measurements.

STN-IS6 Port Accessories and Options:

– STN-IS-Lamp: is a Calibrated Miniature 10 Watt fiber optic VIS-NIR light source mounted on a 2″ port cap, 400-1050nm, NIST traceable. Includes lamp with data file used to calibrate the system for total flux measurements in watts/nm and lumens/nm.

– STN-IS-SMA: is a SMA connector mounted on a 2″ port cap with internal white coating. Allows direct connect of SMA terminating optical fibers

– STN-IS-RED: is a 2″ port cap with reduced sized 1″ diameter aperture with internal white coating

STN-IS12 12″ Integrating Sphere: STN-S12 For internal device mounting, the StellarSphere-IS12, a 12” diameter integrating sphere, features a vertical hinge that opens to allow access to the sample stage. The sample stage is equipped with powered device mounting sockets with a variety of detachable socket options. In addition, the StellarSphere-IS12 includes a tungsten halogen lamp and data file for system calibration using the SpectraWiz® radiometer application software.


StellarNet’s White Reflectance Coating: on its StellarSpheres is a diffuse white coating paint for reflectance applications covering the UV-VIS-NIR wavelength region. This non-luminescent coating yields reflectance values of 95 to 98% over the wavelength region from 300 to 1700 nm.

Baffling: A baffle is found in the 6” and 12” spheres and prevents direct light from the input port reaching the fiber optic input port, which can lead to measurement inaccuracies. The baffles are constructed of aluminum and coated with the reflective coating used in the rest of the sphere and designed to maintain the uniformity of the sphere.

Integrating Sphere Calibration StellarNet’s Tampa, FL manufacturing facility: features a dedicated Calibration Lab to provide our products with many calibration options to match specific application requirements. This includes the ability to calibrate for low-light levels, across any range over 200-1700 against NIST traceable lamps, with optional documentation available. We recommend recalibrating your instrument on a yearly basis, but it should be noted that this is not required since all of our components are built rugged, with no moving parts. NIST Traceable Calibrations Irradiance Calibrations can be performed by StellarNet using NIST traceable lamps (IRRAD-CAL) or by the customer using SpectraWiz software. Applications include light source characterization of spectral intensity distribution, color temperature, xy chromaticity, dominant wavelength (and more), for LED, laser, solar, industrial lighting, and any type of light emission.


- Radiometry and Photometry
- Colorimetry
- Chemistry
- Biology
- Physics

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Integrating Spheres

Integrating Spheres

Esferas interadoras económicas de diferentes tamaños para todo tipo de aplicaciones de fotometría, colorimetría y medida espectral. Ideales para el uso conjunto con los espectrómetros compactos con entrada de fibra óptica de StellarNet.

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