Deuterium UV Light Source

UV Deuterium Light Source (200 - 400 nm): STN-SL3 (Stellarnet)

StellarNet has a variety of UV light sources available for spectroscopy applications. Ultra-violet light interacts with many types of molecules and samples and thus finds use in environmental studies, biological applications, chemical processing, and many other applications.

The STN-SL3 Deuterium Light Source emits a deep UV spectral output over the 190-450nm range and higher. When using StellarNet STN-BLACK-Comet concave grating spectrometers, you can perform spectroscopy applications past 550nm.

High Output Power: With over 15 Watts/m^2 the STN-SL3 is one of the brightest compact UV light sources available.  It can be used for absorbance, transmission, fluorescence, and even reflectance spectroscopy.

Long Life: 2,000 hour performance due to special air flow design and ultra quite fan operation. Customer reports of continuous operation for over a year!

Exceptional Performance: designed for maximum stability with precision power control. it is ideal for UV spectroscopy

Portability: small size allows for use in field or mobile spectroscopy applications.

Popular Systems that use UV Deuterium STN-SL3 lamp: UV-VIS Absorbance, Fluorimetry, UV SpectroRadiometry, Calibration Sources

Options and Upgrades


2,000 hour, high performance UV Deuterium light source (190 – 450nm). Small 3 x4 x7 inch enclosure, ultra-stable for spectroscopy, includes Universal Power adapter for 24 volt. Integrated filter holder for standard size 0.5 diameter disk filters.


High Power UV Calibration Light Source and power supply. Includes USB drive with lamp spectral intensity data in nm increments (NIST traceable calibration file) and Certificate. Easily calibrate UV spectrometers and sensors over the 200-450nm range.


Replacement bulb for STN-SL3 Deuterium light source (item must be returned for installation)


Lens to install in filter nose base for increasing the deuterium lamp intensity 7-10x gain. Highly recommended for highly absorbing samples and reflectance measurements.


0.5 inch diameter filter for remove deuterium spikes


~0.5 inch diameter 50% T neutral density filter


0.5 inch diameter sanded fused silica attenuation filter ~7%T


400um fiber optic Y cable bundle, 0.5 meter, solarization resistant connects STN- SL1 + STN-SL3

Technical Specifications of STN-SL3 Deuterium UV Light Source:

Weight:  1.8 lbs (816.5 g)Output from bulb:free space or fiber
Power consumption:30 wattsOutput regulation:0.05%
Spectral Range:190 – 450nmInternal filter accessory:n/a
Time to stabilize:15 minExternal filter slot:0.5″ diameter filters
Power output:15 watts /m2Spectral attenuation:none
Bulb Color Temp:4000KConnector:SMA 905

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Deuterium UV Light Source

Deuterium UV Light Source

The STN-SL3 UV Deuterium Light Source emits a deep UV spectral output over the 190-450 nm range and higher, beeing suited for almost every UV spectroscopy applications. Manufactured by the supplier Stellarnet.

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