Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic cables and accessories

StellarNet offers a variety of fiber optic cables for use with their compact and modular spectroscopy instrumentation.  Fiber optic cables provide an easy way to transmit light without need for system alignment or attenuation of signal.  Light can be easily transferred from a light source to a cuvette holder containing a sample then back to a spectrometer for detection.

- Diameter: Single strand, multimode fiber optic cables are available with SMA 905 connectors, ¼ inch diameter steel mono-coil armor with black PVC jacket. Sizes include 400, 600, or 1000µm core diameters.

For StellarNet systems the 600um fiber diameter is most popular as it is robust enough to roll over in your lab chair yet provides high light signal to your spectrometer. 1000um diameter fiber provides the best signal strength yet can be fragile and should not be handled by undergraduates 

- Solarization Resistant options: Solarization resistant fibers (-SR) available for deep UV applications below 400nm available in all diameters. Range:190-1100 nm

- VIS-NIR options: Low OH fibers are needed for VIS-NIR applications. They offer lowest possible internal light attenuation. Intended for applications with long fiber lengths, available in all diameters. Range:400-2200 nm

- DSR Broadband optionsBroad spectrum and solarization resistant for UV,VIS, & NIR applications.  Best of both worlds for applications needing UV and far NIR throughput. Range:190-2200nm

- Standard lengths are 1 and 2 meters. Custom lengths are available with a minimum price of a 1 meter fiber

- Specialty fibers & connectors are available for various applications: Y-cables to couple 2 spectrometer systems, Y-bundled cables to couple 2 light sources, 1 to 3 splitter cables, and all types of custom fibers and connectors


- LED Measurement
- Solar Analysis
- Display Measurement
- SpectroChemistry
- Fluorimetry
- Optical Metrology

Please, click on "Descargar Documentación" to open a list with all the fiber optic cable and accessories versions available (english version).

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Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber Optic Cables

Iberoptics offers a variety of fiber optic cables for use with their compact and modular spectroscopy instrumentation. 400, 600, or 1000µm core diametersSolarization Resistant fibers available for deep UV applications (190-1100 nm). VIS-NIR options (400-2200 nm). Models ranging from 190-2200nm. Specialty fibers & connectors available. Manufactured by the supplier Stellarnet.

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