Robust Deuterium Halogen Source

SL1 +SL3 Deuterium and Tungsten Halogen Combination: Stellarnet
- The high power STN-SL1-Filter Halogen lamp and the STN-SL3 Deuterium lamp with DCX lens installed can easily be coupled with a fiber optic Y-bundled fiber to provide high output, stable UV-VIS-NIR light, 200-2300nm, with long bulb lifetime
- The F400-YBNIRUV-SR is an armored 400um fiber optic Y cable bundle that is 0.5 meter, solarization resistant, and is specially designed to connect the SL1 and SL3 lamps
- D-alpha line (654nm) eliminated in deuterium source by adding a U330 filter to the nosecone of the SL3 light source
Options and Upgrades:


High power UV-VIS-NIR source provided by coupling STN-SL1-Filter Halogen lamp and STN-SL3 Deuterium lamp (with STN- DCX-lens installed). Coupled with a fiber optic Y-bundled (required). Stable UV-VIS-NIR light (190-2500nm). Can be used with a reflectance probe as it has higher output power. STN-SL1-Filter requires STN-UP12V adapter.

Advantages over STN-SL4:  long bulb lifetime and robust design

Disadvantages over STN-SL4: size and portability


Replacement bulb for STN-SL1 Tungsten light source


Replacement bulb for SL3 Deuterium light source (item must be returned for installation)


optional +5VDC interface for BP1 battery operates 2 hours with spectrometer


Lens to install in filter nose base for increasing the deuterium lamp intensity 7-10x gain. Highly recommended for highly absorbing samples and reflectance measurements. Available for STN-SL1-Filter.


0.5 inch diameter filter for SL3 removes deuterium spikes


~0.5 inch diameter 50% T neutral density filter


0.5 inch diameter sanded fused silica attenuation filter ~7%T


400um fiber optic Y cable bundle, 0.5 meter, solarization resistant connects STN-SL1 + STN-SL3. Required for STN-SL1+SL3.


12V power supply. Required for STN-SL1-Filter.

**Note: this product is recommended for applications that require high output power (e.g. reflectance) and do not require demanding portability or size characteristics. Bulb life and robust design are the the main advantages over STN-SL4.

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Robust Deuterium Halogen Source

Robust Deuterium Halogen Source

High power UV-VIS-NIR (190-2500nm) source provided by coupling STN-SL1-Filter Halogen lamp and STN-SL3 Deuterium lamp (with STN- DCX-lens installed). The STN-SL1+SL3 offers long bulb lifetime and a robust design. Manufactured by the supplier StellarNet.

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