CEFA-C-PB-LP   series   are   Erbium   doped   fiber
amplifiers  designed  for  single  channel  amplification.
These  C-band  amplifiers  deliver  up  to  23  dBm  of
saturate output power.
The series include polarization-maintaining models, narrow
linewidth amplification and mid-stage access options.
Keopsys develops different platforms:

turnkey  benchtop  instruments,  directly
monitoring from front face.

•Very  compacts  modules  in  particular  the  MSA  module  
platform (M201) with up to 30 dBm output power.

•Both  benchtops  and  OEM  modules  can  be  controlled
with a PC via RS232 using our B2V2 software.
Built with a unique design, these devices can be operated at
low input power, down to -20 dBm. They also offer excellent
optical noise figure and high optical signal to noise ratio at
the output. The all-in-fiber systems are maintenance free.
Their  wide  range  of  operations  make  these  amplifiers
suitable for many different applications.


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