Thermographic portable camera - VarioCam-HD(x)

Uncooled thermographic cameras VarioCAM HD and VarioCAM HDx in portable format with built-in display.

These high-quality and high-precision radiometric temperature imaging thermal cameras represent the high range among uncooled systems based on microbolometers.
The thermographic image is also high resolution, being valid for both R & D applications and for the most demanding among industrial

Key features of the uncooled thermal imaging cameras VarioCam HD(x):
- spectral range: 7.5 - 14 um
- uncooled microbolometer detector
- High resolution thermographic image: 640 x 480 and 1024 x 768 px
- High speed: up to 60 Hz @ 640x480 / 30 Hz @ 1024x768
- High radiometric measurement accuracy
- High resolution in the temperature measurement
- MicroScan: allows to double the effective resolution of the sensor (not in all models; only stationary use)
- IRBIS 3: powerful control and analysis software

Common features of the uncooled thermographic cameras VarioCam HD(x):
- 5.6" TFT display (1280x800 px), with flip mirror function
- 16 bit dynamic range
- SDHC card 8GB (up to 12,000/5,200 full-size thermographs for 640x480/1024x768 cameras)
- IR video interfaces: DVI-D at HDMI socket, C-Video (with optional video cable)
- GigE vision (not all models)
- USB interface (for transfer of thermographs from SHDC card without removing it)
- WLAN interface
- VIS camera with LED light
- Laser pointer
- Microphone/speaker (integrated voice commenting)
- 210 x 125 x 155 (mm3)
- 1.7 Kg
- IP54

Specific characteristics, models and specifications of the family VarioCam HD:
- USB interface (for transfer of thermographs from SHDC card without removing it)
- Opto-mechanical MicroScan (only for stationary use): doubles the effective resolution of the camera
- Max full frame rate: 60Hz @ 640x480 px / 30Hz @ 1024x768 px
- Temperature resolution (@ 30°C): ≥30mK (≥20mK with low noise option)
- Temperature measurement accuracy: ±1.5K / ±1.5%(T≥0ᵒC); ±1K (0-100ᵒC opt)

VarioCAM® HDDetector size (px)Micro scanningTemp. resolution (@ 30 °C)Temp. meas. rangeMeas. accuracy
inspect 675640 x 480≥30mK-40...500 °C±1.5K / ±1.5%(T≥0ᵒC)
inspect 775640 x 4801280 x 960≥30mK-40...500 °C±1.5K / ±1.5%(T≥0ᵒC)
research 675640 x 480≥30mK-40…1200 °C±1.5K / ±1.5%(T≥0ᵒC)
research 775640 x 4801280 x 960≥30mK-40…1200 °C±1.5K / ±1.5%(T≥0ᵒC)
inspect 680640 x 480≥30mK-40…1200 °C±1.5K / ±1.5%(T≥0ᵒC)
inspect 780640 x 4801280 x 960≥30mK-40…1200 °C±1.5K / ±1.5%(T≥0ᵒC)
research 680640 x 480≥30mK (≥20mK opt)-40…2000 °C (w/ ext opt)±1.5K / ±1.5%(T≥0ᵒC); ±1K (0-100ᵒC opt)
research 780640 x 4801280 x 960≥30mK (≥20mK opt)-40…2000 °C (w/ ext. opt)±1.5K / ±1.5%(T≥0ᵒC); ±1K (0-100ᵒC opt)
inspect 8751024 x 768≥30mK-40...500 °C±1.5K / ±1.5%(T≥0ᵒC)
inspect 9751024 x 7682048 x 1536≥30mK-40...500 °C±1.5K / ±1.5%(T≥0ᵒC)
research 8751024 x 768≥30mK-40…1200 °C±1.5K / ±1.5%(T≥0ᵒC)
research 9751024 x 7682048 x 1536≥30mK-40…1200 °C±1.5K / ±1.5%(T≥0ᵒC)
inspect 8801024 x 768≥30mK-40…1200 °C±1.5K / ±1.5%(T≥0ᵒC)
inspect 9801024 x 7682048 x 1536≥30mK-40…1200 °C±1.5K / ±1.5%(T≥0ᵒC)
research 8801024 x 768≥30mK (≥20mK opt)-40…2000 °C (w/ ext opt)±1.5K / ±1.5%(T≥0ᵒC); ±1K (0-100ᵒC opt)
research 9801024 x 7682048 x 1536≥30mK (≥20mK opt)-40…2000 °C (w/ ext opt)±1.5K / ±1.5%(T≥0ᵒC); ±1K (0-100ᵒC opt)

Specific characteristics, models and specifications of the family VarioCam HD:
- low cost option in front of the VarioCam HD family, keeping high performance
- Detector size: 640 x 480 px
- Max full frame rate: 30Hz
- Temperature resolution (@ 30°C): ≥40mK
- Temperature measurement range: -40…600 °C
- Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 2K / ± 2%

VarioCAM® HDxinspect 645inspect 650research 645research 650
Detector size (px)640 x 480640 x 480640 x 480640 x 480
Temp. resolution (@ 30 °C)≥40mK≥40mK≥40mK≥40mK
Max Full Frame rate30 Hz30 Hz30 Hz30 Hz
Temp. meas. range-40…600 °C-40…600 °C-40…600 °C-40…600 °C
Meas. accuracy±2K / ±2%±2K / ±2%±2K / ±2%±2K / ±2%
Tiltable view findernonoColor LCD 800x600Color LCD 800x600
GigE Visionnono30 Hz full frame30 Hz full frame
Laser range findernonoup to 70mup to 70m

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Thermographic portable camera - VarioCam-HD(x)

Thermographic portable camera - VarioCam-HD(x)

The uncooled thermographic imaging cameras VarioCam from the German thermography expert manufacturer Infratec represent the high-end uncooled thermal cameras for all types of industrial and R&D applications with high thermographic imaging quality (not reaching the level of the cooled thermographic cameras ImageIR)
Here you have the portable versions (handheld) with built-in display

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