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Handheld SpectroRadiometer STN-Stellar-Rad: by Stellarnet

StellarNet’s handheld spectroradiometer systems (STN-Stellar-Rad) put the power of a complete NIST traceable light laboratory in your hand allowing measurements of optical power, color, and spectral analysis for numerous lighting applications. Reliably measure light output in Lumens/m^2 (Lux) Watts/m2 , microwatts/cm2 , Lumen or Watt flux, PAR, mcd, and Footcandles.

All Stellar-RAD Systems are rugged in design with no moving parts making measurements in the field or on site quick and easy.

Compared to other handhelds, the STN-Stellar-RAD contains research grade optics with <1nm spectral resolution making these instruments the first choice in reliable testing, field demonstrations, installations, R&D and quality control. Additionally, its modular design allows for use with StellarNet’s line of integrating spheres and accessories for Total Lumen measurement.

Main Features:
- Fully featured SpectraWiz Software Suite and Windows Interface – over 20 years of unique software features & improvements
- USB Powered – runs up to 5 hours on one Windows Tablet charge
- Perfect for lab, process, or field installation applications
- Compatible with all StellarNet Integrating Spheres & Accessories
Specifications Handheld SpectroRadiometer STN-StellarRad:
Sensor: SpectroRadiometer with SONY 2k pixel CCD
Spectrometer range: 350-1150nm (Optional UV Upgrade)
Spectral Resolution: <1nm
Measurement Range: 0.05-400k Lux/ 0.25-1600W/m^2
Receptor Type: Cosine corrected for Irradiance
Integration time: 10ms to 60s
Digitizer Resolution: 16bit
Optics: Research Grade Crossed Czerny Turner
Wavelength Accuracy: <0.25nm
Illuminance Accuracy: +/- 5%, NIST Calibrated
Color Accuracy: +/-0.001 (reference standard lamp)
CCT Accuracy: +/- 2%
Tablet Specs: Win8
Software included: SpectraWiz Spectroscopy Suite
Available Options:

- Options for UV (200-400nm) and NIR (900-1700nm) range SpectroRadiometry
- Lens, aperture, and collimating tube attachments for increased functionality
- Available Radiance and Luminance Calibrations for Measurements with lens assembly attachment

Software: SellarRAD+SpectraWiz

The StellarRAD software is fast, easy-to-use, and specifically designed for a touchscreen tablet. It incorporates live spectra and CIE 1931 color space chromaticity display among other real-time features.

Pressing the Capture button will quickly generate a .pdf report that includes the full front panel plus summary information.

Press the Snapshot Display button to display a static outline of a spectrum you wish to use as a baseline for comparing other lamps and luminaries in real time.

This software is perfect for multi field measurement with quick data capture and easy to view comparison spectra with under the curve color representations.

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Handheld Spectroradiometer - Stellarnet

Handheld Spectroradiometer - Stellarnet

The STN-Stellar-Rad is a new rugged, turn-key solution for portable light measurement. No additional setup is required for field testint of lights with the Stellar-Rad SpectroRadiometer. The NIST traceable system can measure spectral Irradiance & Illuminance, Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), xy Chromaticity, PAR and more. Manufactured by the supplier StellarNet.

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