Fluorescence System

Preconfigured Fluorescence System - Stellarnet

Stellarnet offers a preconfigured low cost fluorescence system for steady state analysis of liquid samples. System consists of:

- STN-SILVER-Nova spectrometer with 200um slit installed
- STN-SL1-LED light source
- STN-CUV-F fluorescence cuvette holder that includes a STN-F600-Y-VISNIR fiber optic cable
- SpectraWiz Spectroscopy Software

Samples with weak fluorescent response are easily detectable with the instrument’s high sensitivity and large dynamic range.

Diagram of the Preconfigured Fluorescence Filter

If you prefer to setup your own fluorescence system, the following product list will help you to find all needed:


STN-BLK-CXR: Concave grating spectrometer without TEC for range 190-850nm or 280-900nm
STN-BLK-CXR-TEC: Concave grating spectrometer with TEC for >3000ms detector integration times
STN-SILVER-Nova: High sensitivity for 190-1150nm wavelength range. Includes TEC
STN-SILVER-Nova-TEC-X2: SILVER-Nova with improved TEC, 80% reduction in noise at long exposures

Light Sources:

STN-SL1-LEDfiber optic light source with replaceable LED’s (390nm, 470nm, 502nm, 590nm, 660nm, white)
STN-SL3: UV Deuterium light source (190 – 450nm). Ultra-stable for spectroscopy. Integrated filter holder-
STN-SL1+SL3High power UV-VIS-NIR Halogen and Deuterium lamp. Stable UV-VIS-NIR light (190-2500nm).
STN-SL4High Power Deuterium and Tungsten halogen compact light source that covers the 190-2500nm range (UV-VIS-NIR).


STN-CUV-F: fiber optic cuvette holder for SL1-LED excitation. F600Y fiber included for dual pickup.
STN-R600-8-UVVIS-SR: Fluorescence Probe for UV and visible wavelengths with 7 optical fibers (high power excitacion) bundled around 1 600μm collection fiber (allow to collect low light emission). 
STN-MFFC: mini fluorescence flow cell that has a fiber optic cable input. Emitted energy is collected by a second fiber, oriented at 90°.
StellarSCOPE™ Fluorescence Microscopy Accessory: comes equipped with an Olympus research microscope with 4, 10, & 40x objectives, CMOS 1.3 Mpixel Camera, optical switch, and required SMA couplers & attachments to couple with a standard StellarNet Fluorometer System.
STN-CUV-TEMP: temperature controlled cuvette holder for fluorescence measurements from -30 °C to +105 °C.
STN-QCV-5F: package of 5 Quartz fluorescence cuvettes with 1cm path length

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Fluorescence System

Fluorescence System

Preconfigured Fluorescence system for steady state analysis of liquid samples. System consists of an spectrometer with 200um slit installed, LED light source, fluorescence cuvette holder that includes a Y fiber optic cable, and SpectraWiz Spectroscopy Software. Manufactured by the supplier Stellarnet.

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