Espectrómetros Raman - 405 nm

One solution for avoiding the influence of troublesome Raman fluorescence is to use shorter wavelengths such as 405nm.  Likewise, the natural Raman signal increase with the scattering dependence of 1/λ4 make Raman spectroscopy at this wavelength favorable.

-Raman-HR-TEC-405 Spectrometers: are the most popular Raman spectrometers and include an enhanced CCD array detector tuned for 405nm Raman with advanced detector lens assembly for ultra sensitivity at long exposure times.

-Raman-HR-TEC-X2-405 Spectrometers: offers 2-stage detector cooling for ultimate sensitivity and performance. Great for long exposures up to 8 minutes.

-Raman-ER-TEC-405 Spectrometers: are chose for extended wavenumber shifts.

-Raman-SR spectrometers: are typically recommended for OEM and portable applications where the specific sample set is known and works well without detector cooling.

As always with StellarNet instrumentation, the fiber optically coupled Raman spectrometer series is extremely ruggedized and compact for portable and field applications.

Model Ranges and Resolutions

Raman SpectrometerWavelength Range
Resolution (cm-1)Integrated 1-Stage TE CoolerTEC-X2 Option

HR = High Resolution

ER = Extended Range

SR = Standard Resolution

Specifications for StellarNet Raman Configured Spectrometers

Optical Parameters

Optical Resolution:HR= 9 cm-1
ER = 15 cm-1
SR = 20 cm-1
Spectral Range:HR = 200-5,050 cm-1
ER= 200-8,250 cm-1
SR= 200-8,250 cm-1
Early Start Available
Diffraction Gratings:

2400/1200 g/mm with gold surface

Stray Light:<0.05%
Optical Input:SMA-905

Detector & Electronics

Detector Type:SONY ILX CCD 
2048 pixels 
14um x 200um
Detector Lens:Advanced cylindrical lens assembly
Thermo Electric Cooling:1 Stage = -15 Deg C
2 Stage = -30 Deg C
Exposure Times:- 20s without TEC
- 60s with TEC
- 8 minutes with TEC-X2!
Signal to Noise:>1000:1
@ Exposure time above 30s TEC 1 has >50% noise reduction and TEC-X2 has >80%


Dimensions:HR/ER= 6 x 17 x 15.5 cm SR = 2.5 x 7.6 x 12.7cm
Weight:HR= 1.5 kg
SR= 14 ounces

Software & Interface

Operating System:Win XP, 7,8,10
(Wifi & Webserver Options)
Software:SpectraWiz, SpectraWiz-ID, LabView, Spectroscopy Pro-tools, Delphi, C, C#


Interchangeable Slits Upgrades: are available for “HR” optical benches to allow more application flexibility.  High Scattering samples can be measured with the smallest slit for highest resolution and weak Raman can be measure with a larger slit to allow for increased light throughput.

Raman-Probe-405: Attaches to 405nm laser via FC/APC and spectrometer via SMA 905, has integrated Raman filters and optics (working distance– 4.5mm), high efficiency collection fibers for StellarNet Raman spectrometers.

Raman-Probe-TIP: attachements tips can be purchased for additional working distance options. Just screw on to replace

Raman-Probe-TIP-Tele: Telescoping Raman probe tip lens assembly attachment for 3cm working distance. Designed to by mounted on to standard Raman probe with 5mm working distance

RPH4: Raman Probe Holder block supports 1/2″ vials.

RPH5: Vertical Raman Probe Holder Block for powder and solids. Samples are placed onto a slide and inserted into the measurement chamber of the block. Includes a laser safety interlock which only allows the laser to fire when the probe is securely seated into the holder.

Raman-Probe-HT: High Temperature Raman probe to 200 deg C


Raman-Probe-Immersion: Immersion Raman Probes for 405nm source. Stainless-steel, cylindrical probe head with removable immersion sleeve, overall dimensions 5/8″ (15.8mm) diameter x 8″ (230 mm) length

Raman-Probe-Process: Raman Process Probe for 405nm source. Stainless-steel pressure sleeve specified to 3000 psi and up to 500ºC. Sapphire window and gold seal are resistant to many corrosive chemical environments.

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Espectrómetros Raman - 405 nm

Espectrómetros Raman - 405 nm

StellarNet offers a variety of high performance spectrometers configured for 405nm Raman spectroscopy applications that perform quick identification of a variety of liquid, solid, or powder samples.

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