Espectrómetros Raman - Resumen

Stellarnet offers the families of Raman Spectrometers that are sumarized in the table below:

-Raman-HR-TEC spectrometers: include enhanced CCD array detectors for 405, 532, 633, 785, 830 or a variety of custom Raman wavelengths. They include advanced detector lens assemblies and a thermoelectric detector cooler (TEC) for enhanced sensitivity at long exposure times.

-Raman-HR-TEC-X2 spectrometers: offers 2-stage detector cooling for ultimate sensitivity and performance: - 30 degreee cooling from ambient for extreme noise reduction of over 80% at long exposures.

-Raman-ER-TEC spectrometers: extended range Raman spectrometers include an enhanced CCD array detector with advanced detector lens assembly and a thermoelectric detector cooler (TEC) for ultra sensitivity at long exposure time.

-Raman-HR-TEC-IG spectrometers (1064nm): includes a super cooled InGaAs photodiode array for 1064 Raman, where interference form sample fluorescence is minimized and vitrtually non-existent. With this detector, high resolution, standard resolution, extended range and extended Range High Resolution versions are available.

As always with StellarNet instrumentation, the fiber optically coupled Raman spectrometer series is extremely ruggedized and compact for portable and field applications.

Raman Spectrometer ModelLaser Wavelength (nm)Wavelength Range (cm-1)Resolution (cm-1)Integrated 1-Stage TE CoolerTEC-X2 Option Available
STN-Raman-HR-TEC-405405200-5.0509 YesYes
STN-Raman-ER-TEC-405405 200-8.25015 Yes Yes
STN-Raman-HR-TEC-532532 200-3.1005 Yes Yes
STN-Raman-ER-TEC-532532 200-5.2509 Yes Yes
STN-Raman-HR-TEC-633633 200-3.9006 Yes Yes
STN-Raman-HR-TEC-785785 200-2.7504 Yes Yes
STN-Raman-SR-785785 200-3.2008 No No
STN-Raman-HR-TEC-10641064 200-2.25011 NoIncluded

SR = Standard Resolution (compact models that are typically used in OEM applications where customers integrated into their own Raman products)

HR = High Resolution

ER = Extended Range (avaliable for certain models)

EHR = Extended Range High Resolution

Specifications for StellarNet Raman Configured Spectrometers

Optical Resolution:Model DependentDimensions:Model Dependent
Signal to Noise:1000:1Weight:Model Dependent
Detector Type:Enhanced CCD with 2048 pixelsPower Consumption:<100mA ,  USB powered
Diffraction Gratings:1200 g/mm with gold surfaceFiber Optic Input:SMA905

Spectral Range @785nm

Model DependentInterface:USB-2

Stray Light:

<0.05%Operating Systems:WinXP, Vista, Win 7/8, Win 10

Exposure Times:

  • 20s without TEC
  • 60s with TEC
  • 8 minutes with TEC-X2
Software:SpectraWiz, SpectraWiz-ID, LabView, Spectroscopy Pro-tools, Delphi, C, C#

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Espectrómetros Raman - Resumen

Espectrómetros Raman - Resumen

StellarNet offers a variety of high performance spectrometers configured for Raman spectroscopy applications that perform quick identification of a variety of liquid, solid, or powder samples.

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