Receptor Láser de Ultrasonidos

Laser Ultrasonic Receiver (AIR-1550-TWM) - Intopsys

The AIR-1550-TWM Laser Ultrasonic Receiver represents the state-of-the-art in non-contact laser ultrasonic testing. The AIR-1550-TWM is the first laser ultrasonic receiver operating at the telecom and eye-safe wavelength of 1550 nm. Eye-safe lasers are important for the protection of researchers as well as for workers in production environments.

The operating wavelength also enables the AIR-1550-TWM to work effectively with simple, low-cost laser sources, such as DFB or fiber lasers, thereby reducing system cost and eliminating laser maintenance concerns.

The AIR-1550-TWM includes a compact fiber-coupled measurement head. This sensor head enables remote measurement and is ideal for use with complex configurations or where measurement access is limited.

The non-contact measurement capability of laser ultrasonics and its immunity to test-piece temperature and motion make it ideal for factory use. The AIR-1550-TWM is available configured for factory applications with an optional ruggedized measurement head and fiber optic cables.

Typical Applications:

- Thickness measurements
- Glass containers
- Ceramic and metallic coatings
- Steel tubes and cast iron pipes

- Defect Detection
- Laser welds
- Ceramic coatings
- Electronic packages
- Bonded components
- Small parts
- NDT in general

- Crack sizing
- Oil and gas pipelines

When incorporated into a full laser ultrasonic measurement system, the AIR-1550-TWM can measure thickness, density and temperature with laser precision. In addition, laser ultrasonics can be used effectively to locate sub-surface defects such as inner wall corrosion or delaminations. These inspection systems can be used with real time feedback for process control or in-service system inspection.




Surface Displacement Sensitivity

4 x 10-7 nm rms (W/Hz)1/2

Detector Bandwidth

125 MHz (Optional 1 GHz Bandwidth)

Measurement Type

High Sensitivity, Fast Response Laboratory and Factory

External Probe Laser Requirement

60 mW DFB Laser Diode

Fiber Lasers up to 10W

FHY Fiber Measurement Head

Aperture: 25 mm

Focal Distance: 50-100 mm

Spot Size: 100-200 um

Guide Laser Beam

Diode Laser at 650 nm

Analog Output

50 Ohm source

Electrical Requirements

100/220 V, 50/60 Hz

Alignment Signal

Provided by internal piezo mirror


325 x 250 x 100 (L x W x H, mm)

Compatible with 19-inch rack mount cabinets

Broad Uses of Laser Ultrasonics

Laser ultrasonics is ideally suited for many applications that are beyond the capabilities of conventional ultrasonic testing. The applications extend over three broad areas:

- Process monitoring: measurements early in an industrial process on parts that are hot and/or moving at high speed

- Post-process evaluation: high resolution inspection of small parts; fast areal scans of large components or structures

- In-service inspection: inspection of complex structures (turbine blades);
inspection under hazardous conditions (nuclear power plants); fast scanning of safety-critical oil and gas pipelines

Features of Laser Ultrasonics

Laser ultrasonic testing offers many advantages when compared with traditional contact inspection
- Remote, non-contact, reconfigurable
- Can scan measurement head or sample
- Proven at speeds  5 m/sec
- Proven at temperatures  2000°F
- High bandwidth operation
- High spatial resolution
- Micrometer thickness accuracy
- Small contact area on sample 

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Receptor Láser de Ultrasonidos

Receptor Láser de Ultrasonidos

The Optech line of laser ultrasonic inspection products  of our partner Intopsys includes receiver systems and full inspection systems. The core technology in these systems is the Optech adaptive laser ultrasonic receiver. We offer several receiver options so as to meet the broadest range of customer requirements.

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