Electrically Tunable Lens - laser processing

The fast electrically focus-tunable lens OTT-EL-10-42-OF is dedicated to 3D laser processing applications and sets the highest standards in terms of spot quality, speed and repeatability. With a focus tuning range of -2.0 to +2.0 diopters the spot can be controlled over a large range along the z-axis (working distance change of up to 180mm). Optotune's proprietary built-in optical feedback mechanism allows for a long term repeatability of <0.02 diopters. The OTT-EL-10-42-OF is optimized for the use at 1064nm and 532nm.

New: 950 – 1100 nm

Key Applications
- Laser marking
- Micromachining
- 3D printing
- Laser projection templating

Available with 2 different type of lens drivers, analog and digital:

OTT-EL-E-OF-A Lens Driver for OTT-EL-10-42-OF with Analog Interface (0-5V)
The EL-E-OF-A enables the control of the EL-10-42-OF lens module via an analog voltage signal. Several digital signals are available for status verification. The electronics essentially provides an analog-to-digital stage to read the control and set voltage signal, digital processing with an implemented PID-loop and current sources to drive the lens and the heater unit. The board is optimized for OEM-integration in laser marking systems and therefore comes without housing.

Main features:
- Analog control voltage from 0 to 5 V (ADC resolution 16 bit
- Sampling rate 1.1 kHz
- Lens driving current ranging from 0 to 300 m
- Integrated optical feedback (OF) control
- JTAG or USB interface for firmware update

OTT-SCAPS Optotune-DSD Lens Driver for OTT-EL-10-42-OF with Digital Interface (XY2-100)
Optotune-DSD is an FPGA-based digital controller which is used for the control of the EL-10-42-OF lens module. The board is composed of two layers for which the top one is Digital Servo Interface (DSI-1-O16) and the bottom one is Digital Servo Controller (DSC-1). The board is particularly designed and optimized for OEM-integration in 3D laser marking systems.

Main features:
- Pulse-width modulation (PWM) based lens control
- Automatic tuning for the lens
- Tracking delay of <1ms
- Heater control unit
- XY2-100 and bi-directional XY-SCAPS interface
- Marking speed up to 8000 mm/s for a 45-degree hatching job

Video: 3D Laser Marking with OTT-EL-10-42-OF

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Electrically Tunable Lens - laser processing

Electrically Tunable Lens - laser processing

Fast electrically tunable lens

Within milliseconds, the focal length (optical power) of our electrical lenses is tuned by applying a control current.
This unique principle enables the design of faster and more compact optical systems without complex mechanics.
Developed and manufactured by our partner Optotune

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