Combinador Laser - Oxxius

Laser combiner (multiline laser) with DPSS and diode lasers - Oxxius

The L6Cc and L4Cc are the most compact and flexible all-in-one multicolor laser sources, with up to 7 laser lines and delivery up to 4 optical fiber outputs.
The modular design allows for a large choice of lasers from 375 up to 1064 nm and with output power up to 500 mW.
The sources are Oxxius LaserBoxx or from other manufacturers.
The extension modules provide the ultimate level of flexibility by integrating fast switching output ports for FRAP, adjustable split power for light sheet microscopy among other advanced functionalities. The L6Cc and L4Cc are field upgradeable to evolve as per your needs and to preserve your investment. They are microprocessor controlled to provide unique features for demanding applications.
The L6Cc and L4Cc are available in turnkey or OEM versions.
The L6Cc is also available in high power version, integrating LBX-HPE sources with up to 1.2 W output power per line. It is coupled into a speckle-free multimode fiber.

Typical applications for the multiline laser of Oxxius:
- Super Resolution Imaging
- Single Molecule Localization
- Light Sheet
- Confocal Microscopy
- Optogenetics
- Flow Cytometry

Key features of the multiline laser of Oxxius:
- Up to 500 mW per wavelength
- Up to 4 output ports
- Direct modulation: analog, digital or both combined
- Linearized output power on Acousto-Optic Modulator (AOM)
- High efficiency Polarization Maintaining fiber coupling
- Mutimode fiber coupling option
- Electro-mechanical shutter on each output and on each DPSS laser
- USB computer interface
- compatible with µ-Manager environment

Benefits of the multiline laser of Oxxius:
- Up to 4 or 6 combined wavelengths
- Proven long-term stability
- Flexible configuration with extension Modules
- unique for Oxxius
- Field upgradeable
- Comprehensive optical design for easy maintenance
- Extension modules with advanced features: dual output, fast switch mirror, AOTF, “+1 laser”
- Graphic User Interface software

These are the wavelengths you can include in your customized Oxxius laser combiner:
• 375 nm
• 405 nm
• 445 nm
• 450 nm
• 473 nm
• 488 nm
• 505 nm
• 515 nm
• 520 nm
• 532 nm
• 553 nm
• 561 nm
• 633 nm
• 638 nm
• 640 nm
• 642 nm
• 660 nm
• 730 nm
• 785 nm
• 980 nm
• 1064 nm
• other under request

Here you can find in more details the families of Oxxius lasers that you can include in your customized multi-line laser system:
Low noise TEM00 lasers (375 - 785 nm), up to 500 mW
High spatial and temporal coherence lasers (single frequency emission, SLM) with outstanding wavelength stability
High power lasers (375 - 940 nm), up to 2W, with power control

For more information, please download the datasheet in the tab Download

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Combinador Laser - Oxxius

Combinador Laser - Oxxius

Combinador láser (láser multicolor, láser multicanal) con hasta 7 líneas láser y 4 salidas, con múltiples opciones. Ideal para microscopía

Somos los distribuidores de Oxxius en España y Portugal.

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