MultiSource TEC controller

Multi-channel TEC controller

We are the distributors of Arroyo Instruments in Spain and Portugal

The new 7000 Series MultiSource Multi-Channel Controller is designed for applications requiring a large number channels in a cost-effective and compact solution. With both laser driver and temperature controller options, the MultiSource is an excellent building block for system applications such as device burn-in and characterization. Built with the performance you would expect from an Arroyo Instruments product, and both Ethernet and USB connectivity, you can quickly and confidently get your system operational.

The 7154 Series TEC MultiSource is available now. The 7250 Series TEC MultiSource will be available in the coming months, please contact the factory for more details.

Chart of models: multi-channel laser diode driver

 TypeSize# chanCurrentVoltageMax Power

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When working with laser diodes don't forget the mandatory safety measures. Here you will find the laser safety eyewear that you need

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MultiSource TEC controller

MultiSource TEC controller

The new 7000 Series MultiSource Multi-Channel TEC Controller gives you high density temperature control with TEC powers up to 420W per channel!

We are the distributors of Arroyo Instruments in Portugal and Spain

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