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Photonic was sold by its parent company, Swarovski Optik, in 1986. However, the company's roots go back much further. Renowned companies such as Goerz and Kahles, founded originally in the 18th century and later taken over by Swarovski, provided the foundation for the expertise underpinning Photonic's activities. These capabilities, combined with continuous expansion and the ongoing development of its product range, have made Photonic one of the leading manufacturers of specialised optics. Photonic was acquired by Leica (formerly Wild Leitz) in 1988, paving the way for the illumination technology / optical fibre business. The sale of Wild during restructuring of the Leica Group in 1995 culminated in the present proprietary situation, with Photonic Optische Geräte GmbH & Co KG now a subsidiary of the fully independent Wild Group.

Luz Fria-Cold Light

Las ligeras y potentes fuentes de iluminación halógena the Photonic , junto con su amplia gama de guias de fibra óptica y económicos precios hacen del sistema Cold Light uno de los más innovadores del mercado.



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